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  1. I repair cars all day and forget option 1 as they are one of the first parts to fit under the car when built. you often fing they will have joiners approx. about the front side of the fuel tank . we always use copper and add a joiner in some jobs but is a much easier job on a ramp than just off the ground so I would use option 3 unless you have use of a ramp.
  3. ok no problem
  4. its something like IPC MAIN but for sure it says CC after it and then you gel the list like the video. yoy also use the arrow for play (read) in the lower left corner of the screen.for some functions but you will soon see.
  5. I had the same problem but you will soon find out as it starts reading the car in HS mode so if it does not read stich the switch over and restart the reading. The software tell you when to switch the switch back. I am not sure how to back up the data yet but the as built file I think must contain that. you can also back up all files but you need to research that and then you can tell me. this gives you the basics of what I did apart from you are looing for camera
  6. yes but you need to be in engineering mode first and that will give you options to change. I have NOT changes ANY values only drop down menus Look for Parking camera in the left list and then when you go into this you will see how to change this. I had my car stuck in KM and with no reverse camera working for two years and only found this software last week in order to solve my problems.
  7. the program will tell you if battery is low as a warning . I left radio on with volume down. you will also get info be searching youtube for forscan
  8. I will try to make a video of how I done this but I have to work most of this out buy reading the files. My camera can be switched off by the lower right front button or will switch off when you drive off forward. get the software installed , install the usb interface driver (comes with your new elmscan) and then set the connection within forscan to use a com port. Plug inter face into car and with ignition on press connect to car and then have a play. do now save or change any thing until you understand how this part works. Let me know when you can do this and I will tell you the next stage. battery voltage must be above 11.6 volts so turn all lights off to save power etc
  9. mine work but I fitted a genuine camera with more cables. Just play with reading the CC of the car first so you are sure what to do. I did NOT chage the AS BUILT file as I think this can be used as a back up. This is my camera working I also used windows 10 but other versions will work as far as I know
  10. you must have a two speed interface or one that can AUTO SWITCH speeds (expensive) but you may be able to add a switch to your if its not auto switching. I used this one as it was a good price and works perfect
  11. the rack ends can be replaced and so does not mean a whole rack on most cars. Have a good look at both sides of the car with front wheels off as you should be able to see whats bent
  12. Hi , I used forscan windows version with licence.( Licence is free and lasts two months) You need to scan the car first and then go into config MAIN . you need to find the WITHOUT CAMERA , double click and then in engineering mode 1 change the options to WITH CAMERA. then press WRITE . follow all software promps . You do not need to change any numbers only drop down menus are you fitting satnav ? You must have a interface that has a SWITCH as the cans are H/S and M/S . I used a ELMSCAN 327 USB with SWITCH are you fitting a genuine camera as I did or just a standard camera
  13. more likely to be bent rack end or lower wishbone .
  14. Hi , I enabled auto locking with forscan and saved to the car CC . I can read the CC and is all programmed but doors do not lock when you drive off. car is a titanium X 1.0 125 ecoboost Has any members got this working as wondered if I need to program any other modules. Thanks
  15. That's great news as I would think it would as all lights work normal and no errors. forscan is a great program