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  1. Do not alter the wires for the green connector at the back of the monitor as this is working. The power supply will be the wire from the camera that goes to +12 Volts (battery power). I expect your camera instructions said to connect this to the reverse light for the power ? may be a red wire ? This is the wire that must have 12 volt battery power all the time the ignition is switched ON.
  2. The turning line function and zoom will never work with a after market camera . The reason your camera blanks is you are supplying your camera power from the reverse lights and not a ignition switched 12 volt supply. To retrofit a ford camera is a more complex job as I have done.
  3. You will not get the turning line to work on your camera simply because it is not a genuine ford camera .
  4. yes reading the circuit the standard has a alarm sounder horn and the ST has a battery backed up alarm horn so they do not use the normal horn.
  5. I think your find your problem is the fact that your camera is being powered from your reverse light ????? This must be a constant 12 volt supply all the time the ignition is ON. The genuine camera uses a always live 12 volt supply. The system should show the camera after you come out of reverse gear and so if you have taken the power from the reverse lamp that will be your problem
  6. Hi , I am going to replace and rewire my alarm sounder on my 2013 Titanium X fiesta with a sounder from a ST fiesta. The reason is that when I fitted my interior scanner to my car it all works apart from tailgate entry with the alarm set to on. The ST fiesta has a CAT1 battery back up sounder but this is wired of the data cable that goes to the interior scanner and rear view camera etc so will solve this problem when reprogrammed. So the question is are the ST and standard cars Alarm Sounders fitted in the same locations ? If so please can you confirm where so I can check the wiring I need to work out. thanks
  7. The stop start will not work if any engine faults OR if you do just short trips all the time. Mine does not work due to doing 0.8 mile to work each way to work but if I reset the MPG and do a trip to the cost and back (60miles each way ) still does not work that day , then works the next day no problem for a few days. Other things that will prevent it working are cold weather , aircon requirements and battery charge level etc
  8. this is the sensor that I am going to use. This sensor also gives a supply voltage output when the water is normal . This will not be a problem as I will design a inverter circuit with transistors and a reed relay to give 12 volt out when no water detected. The relay will then switch and put a resistor in parallel with the low brake warning sensor. This circuit will keep the wiring simple and all local to the coolant tank and just need to find 12 volt supply the same side of the engine bay if possible. When I get the relay I will make a circuit to do the switching. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Switch-Water-Contactless-Liquid-Level-Sensor-Interface-Type-Sensors-Detectors/142197530419?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  9. I have done some more work on this and now after testing a ebay contactless sensor they seam just the job. I have now fixed a sensor to the outside of the coolant tank with jb weld and now ordered a reed relay. I have tested the car sensors and I am now going to use the brake fluid level sensor as this is almost just what is required. When I trip the system with ignition on the brake warning symbol lights , front display monitor dispays LOW BRAKE FLUID SERVICE NOW and also the dast emits the warning CHIMES. This will give a perfect indication that the coolant is low so will stop the car much sooner than a high temp warning light in AIR due to low coolant. I am now working on a electronic interface to drive the relay from the output of the new coolant level sensor and switch in a resistor to trip the warning system. The low brake warning will still function as normal.
  10. just to let you know I have now made the parking and start stop disable switch from two switches. I had to solder 3 resistors and 2 leds from one board to the other . This can only be done if you are very good at soldering as they are very small parts. I also had to add 2 extra contact pins from the other board but these just push in. The switch now operates when the car is in reverse but when I reprogram the car config and add the front sensors it will all work as factory fit. any one have a front parking sensor loom with or without sensors for sale for 2013 or later fiesta ?
  11. ok thanks . I am making ford switches but from two so the finished switches will work and look like factory fit so I wanted to keep the correct colours. thanks
  12. Hi, just doing the next stage of my front parking sensor upgrade after the reverse camera install . I have got hold of a fiesta parking switch and also a Start Stop deactivate switch. My car had start stop engine disable from new and has a YELLOW led to indicate when selected. Please can any members tell me the colour of the parking sensor switch led colour when this switch is selected ? I was thinking as the start stop is yellow the parking may be green or could it be yellow ? I am making the switch out of two switches so will need to solder a led and resistor to the switch board to make this switch function. Please can you just confirm the parking switch colour when selected
  13. I am still looking into this problem as I think it may be to do with the phone power saving mode as it does not always do this. Also if you wake the phone up first then turn ignition on I think it works but need to experiment. I did upgrade to 5.9 and all works great apart from this problem . I have a galaxy S7 edge see what you get by just waking your phone first and let me know
  14. well done a bigger challenge is to retrofit a genuine ford reverse camera but well worth it as it will do a lot more that just a camera as it has zoom and turning lines . This can be done as I have done sat nav and camera retrofit with no problem just need to take your time. Now you have forscan you can soon enable the camera input.
  15. just testing and found that if you load the apps Spotify and miroamer you can then use the AUX button to switch between the apps