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  1. Newbie P100 Owner

    hello Derek and Vincent thanks for the welcome She is the Sierra pickup that has been fitted with a wooden rear body and has altered fuel filler work done. There are some peculiar things going on in the cab as well. Bits of plywood screwed to the roof being one of them. I will get to it all in good time. Soon as I can I will start a thread about the van and her resurrection. Thanks again Allen
  2. Newbie P100 Owner

    Hello My name is Allen. I live in Grimsby. Lincolnshire. The council say North East Lincolnshire. The post office say Humberside. I don't care what they say it will always be Lincolnshire. Rant over LOL. I own a P100 which is fitted with a special body. I will post pics soon as. The old girl is sick at the moment, cam belt went and took the camshaft and valves with it. I am doing her up and intend to put it back on the road and run it whilst I carry out mods and upgrades. I would like to hear from any one interested in getting together to share information, work and use our P100s. Thanks Allen