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  1. Things I Do Like

    This...! :-)
  2. Things I Do Like

    Did you buy it? ;-)
  3. Ford Touch Up Paint Pen

    I've read everything! More than once, brilliant man sad he's died recently, my daughter wonders what to get me for my birthdays now as TP released at least one a year!
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Ian, my daughter used to work in a city center bar, the alkies on mobility scooters used to park them outside (no parking restrictions!) trot into the bar for first orders, then practically gallop to the bar at last orders so they didn't miss out get a couple in. On signing on day, they hobbled about town for a bit until they got max money, then legged it to the bar as fast as they could! She is well out of the job now, as a law abiding tax paying, hard working citizen it broke my hesrt! :-(
  5. Things I Don't Like

    James, that's a mentally inflated charge, not at all relative to merely parking somewhere!?!! And the duvet thing drives me made, can't sleep properly when the corners aren't in the corners! Bit ocd!!
  6. Ford Touch Up Paint Pen

    Good plan Martin! Leave it to the experts, especially as it's a new car, I might have had a go in my old P reg one, but then again... Ben, are you a Terry Pratchett fan?
  7. Central Locking Problem...

    Well done! Huge saving! :-)
  8. Things I Do Like

    This conversation... Him "What you doing?" Me "Cleaning my car" Him "I think you are a bit OCD with that car sometimes" Me "Just let me finish cleaning this front grille with a cotton bud, then I'll make us both a coffee" Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! :D lol
  9. Ford Touch Up Paint Pen

    What I do for stone chips is, I use a panther black genuine ford spray, shake really well and spray a little into a clean plastic container that you can throw away, then use a very fine brush to touch up (you can get packs of artist brushes from £1 shop etc) this eliminates that raised spot effect when touching up chips, don't think I'd dare use for a scratch though so not very helpful for Martin, sorry Martin! Would it not cover with the coloured polish? Or is it too deep?
  10. Things I Don't Like

    Non-car related...why do they make the opening to a king size duvet cover the size of a postage stamp?! Where's the logic?
  11. Central Locking Problem...

    See, way too scary for me!!! :o
  12. Car Charger Point Not Working...

    Just about any car place and most local petrol stations too
  13. Car Charger Point Not Working...

    I'm assuming you mean the cigarette charger socket? Have you tried the fuse? It's simple to replace, if it's like the fiesta the fuse box is in the glove compartment, I presume it's the same, you have to squeeze the sides a little to open it fully - empty the glove compartment first though or the contents end up all over the floor!! - there should be a map of fuses, what amps and exactly where it goes. There may be more than one 12v charger point looks like a cigarette lighter symbol on the map Hope it works, good luck
  14. Central Locking Problem...

    Hi Rich, I wouldn't have the knowhow to fit that , I'd rather leave it to the experts!!
  15. Central Locking Problem...

    No idea myself but as it's only one lock I'm guessing it's not a central locking module issue, but I'm no expert, you need James or Clive or someone! :-)