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  1. O/T - Corrie and Eastenders

    I was going to say that there is a "General Chat" forum for, I quote, "Talk about anything not Ford related", but you moved it before I could respond :P Anyhow, last night (Monday), Coronation Street was the most watched (as per digital spy; I only watch CS and ED (EE is too depressing imo).
  2. Actually just noticed this topic which is very recent, although for a Fiesta not a Focus. Hopefully that may help?
  3. This question was asked back in April here although for a new Fiesta, not Focus. It seems cars ordered without USB may not have the wiring fitted for this. I too would also really like to get USB on my new fiesta (only got bluetooth and aux in), however I don't hold much hope if it wasn't a factory fitted option. I'm not sure if anyone has managed it though.. it'll be interesting to see if anyone has.