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  1. Ford Escort Bravo

    Why brag and be a no show on the pictures... So unfair.. :( haha..
  2. Mk6 Gti Project

    What's your plans for the motor pal?
  3. Hi all I'm after a exhaust system and fuel tank and pump for my 1996 1.8si 115ps 85kw. I'm struggling to find these bits second hand which I need due to a crap budget but have found a mk6 Rs2000 exhaust and tank/pump but want some reassuring that it will be a fit? Thanks guys hope you can help.
  4. Ford Escort Bravo

    Sounds like you got a good deal any chance of some pics mate
  5. Sweet mate just the reassuring I needed. Do you know of any suppliers of new exhausts for my model and possibly a place that would supply exhaust brackets as mine are rusted
  6. Nice project pal will definitely be checking to see what the car looks like when done shame about the colour tho . What's ur plan for paintwork.
  7. Hello everyone I need help as I'm struggling to find parts mainly the exhaust system. my car is a 1996 p reg 1.8si 3 dr hatch. And I came across this escort cabby that someone's breaking but need a bit of reassurance that its exhaust will fit and work fine with my motor.. Some details of mine Escort mk6 1.8si 1996 P reg 105 or 115 ps can't remember which spec it is First reg 08.1996 some details of that car below Escort 1995-2001, Zetec-E 1.8 EFI (115PS), Reg P64NVW First Reg 27.03.1997 Build Date: 17.02.1997 Body Style: Cabriolet
  8. Gel Badge Overlay

    Where did you get the badge from pal
  9. 2012 ST3 Estate

    Great looking estate mate love the colour
  10. 20141023 174544

    Where did you get the badge from? Looks good
  11. Rs2000

    Got a set of 5 coming soon mate check your messages for more details.. anyone else that may be interested also send me a message cheers
  12. New Car & New To The Club

    Nice looking motor mate will look even better once it's original
  13. Rs2000 Original Alloys

    I'm keeping mine mate but my pal is selling a set of 4 in good nick not sure what he wants for them but if you make an offer I'll get in touch with him and then let u know what he says etc
  14. Rs2000 Original Alloys

    You looking for a set of these??
  15. ford escort mk6/7 manual pdf??

    Jamesc u can grab a Haynes manual which covers the si from halfords for a fiver pal I'm looking at getting one for my 96 plate SI what plate is urs?