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  1. New reservoir cap fitted, and remote idle speed control valve fitted. :) Set idle speed at 850rpm, returns back 850rpm after revving the engine. No stalling when dipping the clutch and idles loads better, smoother too. So all good so far. Just need to take it for a test drive after I finish call. :)
  2. Remote idle speed control valve and new brake reservoir cap have arrived. Will get them fitted one night this week. The holes are already in the inner wing, so that makes it easier. Hopefully my idle problems will be resolved and my brake fluid leak. :)
  3. Thats the ambers in, master cylinder and servo painted. Cleaned the surface rust off the back of the headlights, treated and resprayed them. The paint reacted, so will have to do them again at some point. Just waiting for my remote idle speed control valve and new brake reservoir cap to arrive. :)
  4. Haha cheers mate, yeah it's had a battery tray in the past. And in very good shape, a very solid car. :)
  5. Checked for brake fluid leaks whilst under pressure, and nothing. Checked the cap and there is fluid on the threads, so think it's weeping out the cap whilst driving. I've ordered a new cap and keep a eye on it, it's only a very small leak. Just annoying having to wipe the gearbox off all the time. Think I best give the servo a lick of paint now lol
  6. Cheers, yeah I can't wait to get them on. :) I'm going fire up the engine to get a vacuum in the servo, then jam the brake pedal down solid. Switch off, so the vacuum stays. Hopefully then I'll see the leak. The reservoir is still full.
  7. Finally got a full set of Amber's, when I fit them I'm also going to repaint the backs of the headlights. :) Also got a brake fluid leak, around the master cylinder. Leaves a patch on top of gearbox. Main seal is dry, no fluid in the servo. Servo looks brand new inside. Think it may be the lid or reservoir seals. Started scraping the blistered paint off the servo.
  8. Cheers, I'm happy with it now. :)
  9. Pics of the Escort at Blackpool Ford day, I'll upload the others I took later. :D
  10. All ready for Blackpool, fuelled up, Tyre pressures checked, levels checked. Washed, polished and waxed. :) Also got a lock set, so I (my dad lol) can re-code the ignition barrel to match the rest of the locks. :) Also gave the ST a quick clean lol
  11. Went, for a good drive this morning. Runs much better, and much more responsive. :D On another note at 60mph my wobbly steering wheel had come back again, so went to my brothers and got all the wheels rebalanced and checked for buckles. All ok, but checked front disc's, and one was warped. So new disc's and pads fitted. All fine again now. :D
  12. Few tonight after work. First of all, the battery fitted was a 063 40ah & 400 cold crank. The 1.6efi engine should have a 075 60ah 540 cold crank. So got a Bosch S4 battery at a bargain price, also got some Bosch S4 spark plugs. Another job, was to replace the breather pipes as they were past there best. Also changed the crank case breather filter, and cleaned the icv. Fires up better now, idles smoother and revs up nicer......just need to take it for a drive at the weekend now. :)