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  1. Took the Escort for a 30 mile drive, drives loads better now. :D Few pics on the way home. :D
  2. All back together now and ran up, seemed to struggle to start with but once warmed up it idled ok. :) Old belt, starting to get a bit thin! All back together again, gave everything a good clean too. :)
  3. Started on the car again after work, stripped the intake, airbox, cambelt cover etc.....and cleaned head off. Got new rubber rocker cover gasket, drive belt, cam belt and a new oil cap. Drive belt and cambelt look like they've been on a while, will get some more pics tomorrow.
  4. Happy now, car runs smoothly (for a cvh lol), idles smoothly, gets up to temp and fan kicks in, no misfire or back fire. :D Just need to change rocker cover gasket for rubber one, clean engine bay, clear old faults on ecu (when reader arrives), got a new oil cap on order (seal starting to go one old one), going to change cam belt too (just to be safe). :) Fitted my battery cover. Painted efi bit red. Top half cleaned, and tidied up.
  5. Picked the Escort up first thing this morning, ride is loads better now. :) Then a quick clean of both cars. :) Decided to replace the cheapo coil pack with a Bosch one, as leads kept pinging off.....fired her up, ran loads better and when warmed up leads didn't ping off! Revved up a bit, backfire has gone, and idles better but still a slight misfire. So, as mine is a early efi it has a Weber idle speed control valve that is meant to be cleaned every 10k miles....don't think this had ever been done! All clean and operation checked. Then I checked the breather hoses, the crankcase breather filter had broken down and blocked the hose between breather filter and air filter housing. I have unblocked hose and cleaned it out, all other hoses are fine. Will get a new breather filter and put it all back together. Have also checked all electrical connections and cleaned with contact cleaner. Hopefully the car will run ok now, and I can get the co2 and emissions set up on a diagnosis machine. Fingers crossed. :)
  6. Picking the car up tomorrow, had the new shocks fitted.  But the misfire has come back, so going to get in my garage. Check all connections, earth's, ignition and fuel. Put all fresh fuses and relays in. If needed, I'll do a compression test. Got a code reader on order, so can check any faults. When the engine was in the donor car, it was running perfectly.....only started to misfire after the conversion (done by last owner). So it's either coincidence or something has been put out of place or broken.
  7. Looks better in pics, cheers mate.....I love it! :D
  8. Well, worked 120hrs over the last 2 weeks without a day dropped the Escort off at my brothers work to get shocks fitted, rear brake cylinders and flexi hoses. And set up on the diagnosis machine. :) Some better pics of wheels. Overall pics, love the way it looks. :D
  9. Reflection Shots

    Thought I'd post a of Ford for once lol :D
  10. Got some new Gmax shorter sports shocks to fit at the it's got OE shocks with Apex lowering springs. So when you jack the back of the car up there's so much travel on the shocks that springs drop out the cups!
  11. Sneak peek of new rims, will get more pics at the I'm on call at the moment. :D
  12. Managed to do a few jobs today. :D First was to sort this bodge job New bracket made and fitted, fuel hoses protected and secured. Fitted a higher spec centre console, Handbrake cover etc Before After Made a lead with 5amp fuse, to fit on isolator switch so I don't lose any memory in the electrical system. If you try to start the car, the fuse will blow. Then a service, new oil and filter, k&n panel filter, spark plugs, 8mm silicone HT leads (2 of the old ones were broken, causing the misfire), new temp sensor (temp gauge now works), new coolant cap, just need to clean the engine bay now.
  13. Cheers, like I said it's got a few battle scars (actually most panels lol). :)