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  1. At Ripon classic car show today. :) Drove really well, just can't wait to get the new springs fitted. So it's a bit more comfortable. :)
  2. Not really changed on the outside, only red bumper insert. Wheels are Ford (can't have smaller than 15's due to S2 RST front brake set up), spot lights are Ford accessories items, exhaust is small and subtle (2 1/4" rolled out tip). Exhaust is 2" bore, helps the XR3i efi engine breath better. It's been made so it's not loud either. :) That is really nice, but I like to use mine whatever the weather. :)
  3. Cheers mate. :D I've been thinking about a rear spoiler for a while, but been in two minds as I quite like it without one. :D
  4. Fitted a new head unit as I wanted Bluetooth because all my music is on my phone. So got a new Pioneer head unit, all works perfectly. Happy days. :D Also, new strut top mount kits have arrived. Just waiting for the H&R springs to arrive. :D
  5. Went to a Retro/classic car breakfast meet this morning. Next to my mates MK3. :D And few of before I went home as it was a nice sunny day. :D
  6. First proper clean of the year, washed, polished, waxed and sealed. All plastics treated, windows cleaned. Wheels waxed and sealed. :D And fitted my dealer sticker in the rear window. :)
  7. Forgot about checking my gearbox leak, and it's bone dry! :D
  8. Had a nice drive out this morning, puts a big smile on my face now it's running spot on. Surprises a few people too lol :D
  9. Heated rear window hasn't worked properly since I brought the Escort. So got a NOS switch and got it fitted. Works perfectly now. :D Also gave the steering wheel a couple of coats of leather protector. Checked all the levels, Tyre pressures etc ready for the weekend. And I've ordered some H&R racing -40mm lowering spring, along with new strut top mounts and I hate the Apex springs. Handles well but really crashey and harsh. Think the rears have sagged too. Will probably raise up slightly, but hopefully have a good stance still. :D
  10. All finished, just need to add leather protector in a week's time. Not bad for my first time. :D Looks a bit grey, because it's satin black.
  11. The screws someone had fitted in the past are counter sunk (wheel has flat holes) and miles too long. Cleaned threads using my 6mm tap, and tried new screws. First stage on restoration. Cleaning off the old leather sealant. Second stage, apply degreaser and allow to dry. Third stage, brush off degreaser. And sand down with 1200 grit wet & dry. Forth stage, apply base layer of colour. Then 2-3 more layers. 15mins between each layer. Got to leave it for an hour now before applying the sealant. So far, so good.
  12. Had a small oil leak from the top of gearbox for a while now, cleaned it off and put talcum powder on to trace the leak. Traced it to here Only losing a small amount, so got told to try this stuff. Dirko erling 705.707. Run a bead, and flatten it off to seal. Not the neatest job, but will hopefully work. Also as I'm on call for a week. Thought I'd refurb my RS 4 spoke steering wheel. Paint is tarnished and leather is discoulored. No cracks or rips. Rubbed down paint carefully with fine scotch Brite. Then cleaned, and a few coats of satin black. Over the weekend, I'll re dye the leather using this kit.
  13. Been to retro ford meet today at Tennants vehicle auctions, Leyburn. Faultless 100 mile round trip keeping to back roads. Had loads of fun. :D Couple on the way home.
  14. CO levels checked this morning, needed checking after replacing idle speed control valve, ECU and resetting base idle. All good should be 0.8 +/- 0.25.
  15. Topped up the gearbox oil and replaced emissions filter with a genuine Ford filter. :) Cut open the old one, glad I changed it. Was past its best.