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  1. Cheers mate :) actually needs a clean. Got condensation on the garage roof so been dripping down one side of the car. :(
  2. Took the Escort out the garage for a bit to run her, first turn of the key and idling spot on. :D
  3. Airbox lid cleaned up and fitted. Coil pack cover cleaned and fitted. Engine bay looking better.
  4. Collected a few parts today, correct airbox for the remote idle speed control valve I fitted. Genuine Ford Indicator to replace the aftermarket one I have fitted. And a coil pack cover that mine was missing. Just need a good clean before I fit them all. :)
  5. That was someone else on the forum, was a white mk4 5 door. Just after he'd finished it.
  6. Hi mate, the old work van? No, was never found. :(
  7. lol Work van, can't get rid of that. Not mine and makes me money. :) MK4 Escort, look at the build thread. Definitely not selling that. Freelander is perfect for what I need, and my 16 yr old son, who is now just over 6ft fits in the back lol. Would of loved to keep the ST, but can't justify it. :)
  8. Unfortunately the Focus has gone. :( Really enjoyed driving it, just ended up being a second toy though. That I haven't got room for, with having the van and the mk4 Escort. So got myself another Freelander TD4, had one for 3 1/2 years and loved it. Can chuck the dogs in the back, and drive up onto the Dale's or the moors. Do a few green lanes. And let them run around with no other dogs about. Already fitted roof rails, genuine light guards, Silicone intercooler hoses, K&N filter, and few other bits. Already has a egr bypass fitted. :) This was my old one.
  9. Cheers mate, just off Ebay. Were £20 delivered. :-)
  10. Not very exciting, got some tailored mats as I was sick of the rubber ones sliding about. :) Rears Fronts
  11. Cheers mate, I liked the clears...just wanted it more standard looking. :-)
  12. Cheers mate, yeah I'm glad I found a Magnum Grey. Looks so good. :)
  13. Took the Escort for a good 40 mile drive this morning, idle is spot on now. So can stop and drive off properly now. Seems to be a bit quicker too. :D Definitely have no brake fluid leaks, but still had fluid on top of the gearbox. Looks like it was coming from the transmission to clutch housing bolt. Checked the bolts, and they didn't seem that tight. So torqued them up to the correct amount. Hopefully that's sorted it. :) Some better pic's with the ambers fitted. :D
  14. Bargain mate lol......your Focus looked mint. :)