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  1. Changed my knackered under bonnet stickers today, but used ones for a 1.6 efi engine so they are correct. :) Old ones New ones All fitted
  2. Finally fitted my genuine o/s amber indicator and gave her a good run up. :D
  3. Water marks, but will clean up OK. Got a unibond 360 dehumidifier in there now, works a treat. But still needs a wash, but when I'm off work it's usually raining and freezing lol. :)
  4. Cheers mate :) actually needs a clean. Got condensation on the garage roof so been dripping down one side of the car. :(
  5. Took the Escort out the garage for a bit to run her, first turn of the key and idling spot on. :D
  6. Airbox lid cleaned up and fitted. Coil pack cover cleaned and fitted. Engine bay looking better.
  7. Collected a few parts today, correct airbox for the remote idle speed control valve I fitted. Genuine Ford Indicator to replace the aftermarket one I have fitted. And a coil pack cover that mine was missing. Just need a good clean before I fit them all. :)
  8. That was someone else on the forum, was a white mk4 5 door. Just after he'd finished it.
  9. Hi mate, the old work van? No, was never found. :(
  10. lol Work van, can't get rid of that. Not mine and makes me money. :) MK4 Escort, look at the build thread. Definitely not selling that. Freelander is perfect for what I need, and my 16 yr old son, who is now just over 6ft fits in the back lol. Would of loved to keep the ST, but can't justify it. :)
  11. Unfortunately the Focus has gone. :( Really enjoyed driving it, just ended up being a second toy though. That I haven't got room for, with having the van and the mk4 Escort. So got myself another Freelander TD4, had one for 3 1/2 years and loved it. Can chuck the dogs in the back, and drive up onto the Dale's or the moors. Do a few green lanes. And let them run around with no other dogs about. Already fitted roof rails, genuine light guards, Silicone intercooler hoses, K&N filter, and few other bits. Already has a egr bypass fitted. :) This was my old one.
  12. Cheers mate, just off Ebay. Were £20 delivered. :-)
  13. Not very exciting, got some tailored mats as I was sick of the rubber ones sliding about. :) Rears Fronts
  14. Cheers mate, I liked the clears...just wanted it more standard looking. :-)
  15. Cheers mate, yeah I'm glad I found a Magnum Grey. Looks so good. :)