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  1. Procedure to remove the base is like on some videos for focus 2000. that I found on youtube? Remove dome light (central interior front light) and there unscrew antenna base... Kind regards, Gabrijel
  2. Hi DezWez, you mean, change all together (antenna and base)? The base can be removed by removing interior dome light? Also, I looked a little on ebay but can't find any antenna base for 2008 MK2.5 (only for 2000 - 2007). Is it the same? Gabrijel
  3. Hi, perhaps I am asking a dumb question, but I can't unscrew my antenna. It has broken and I wanted to unscrew it but I wasn't able to do it only using my hands. So I have used pliers and tried. It goes very very hard and in either way I turn, looks like it's just rotating without unscrewing. What's happening? Do I have to change all (together with antenna roof base)? Thanks. Kind regards, Gabrijel
  4. Hi, have you tried "Run as administrator...."? While, as I remember (that was on windows 7) I had a user that was in administrators group but was "kind of limited" in a sense that accessing devices was not working unless I started an application with right click->Run As Administrator. Perhaps is the same problem with you on windows 8.1. Gabrijel
  5. Hi, if you are speaking about global windows opening and closing, then check info on page 136 of this topic:) I had similar "problem" and the answer is that electronic door module (or something like that) is missing. Beside that, looks like all doors must have electronic opening/closing of the windows. Gabrijel.
  6. Hi Richiemac, what exactly do you mean by "door control modules in the front"? That would be some additional module in the doors or some option that only needs to be activated? Gabrijel
  7. Aha, so that's the catch! Thanks guys! I have only front motorized windows.... Will have to revert back activated options. Gab.
  8. Hi, I have one question. I have been able to modify ELM and connect MS-CAN modules. Also, I have activated Windows Global Opening Enabled and Windows Global Closing Enabled in GEM->Configuration->Page 2. Everything went OK and rereading parameters shows that mentioned is active. But when I long press Lock or Unlock on the key, nothing happens. Isn't it supposed to close (long press on Lock on remote) and open (long press on Unlock on the remote) the front windows? Thanks. Regards, Gabrijel
  9. Hi, so ELMConfig shall work like a charm;) I hope the ELM327 will arrive soon so I can play around with it. If I manage to make work CC as I am planning to, I will upload schematics and everything. BTW, simonaldridge82, you have written that you must change capacitors in the switches....? Aren't there resistors and not capacitors?
  10. Hi, before I start "messing around" with ELM327 and ELMconfig I would like to ask some questions. So, I would like to activate some options like closing and opening of windows with remote, deactivate seat belt reminder... I would also activate cruise control. As I have 3 spoke steering wheel so I am planning to make touch-like switches and put them on the steering spokes. I have been reading about all that and already checked if wires for the cruise control are present and they are. I have also been reading that configuring GEM might cause car not starting any more. Reading through the forum, looks like all shall be fine on FF 1.8 mk2.5 petrol but, have anybody done that on same? Also, my brother has FF 1.6 mk2.5 petrol. Is it safe to use ELMconfig on his car too? Many thanks and sorry for asking this, but I don't want to end up with a dead car (because of deleting PATS)....