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  1. Thanks for your help! 2002 Ford Mondeo Zetec TDCi 2.0 manual car 93k miles: 1. Takes 2-3 attempts to start when cold -starts fine rest of the day 2. Big cloud of white smoke when it does start the first time of the day 3. Glow plug light constantly flashes once car starts and never stops flashing 4. Cuts out over 70mph...can get to 80mph if I gently accelerate 5. No check engine light 6. DTC's read "none" when I hold down the Trip Reset button The car has been this way as long as I've owned it (four months). Never noticed the engine cut out at high speed until someone came to buy it and drove the hell out of it. I haven't found any posts about the glow plug light flashing constantly and immediately from start up. It doesn't matter if I drive for five hours across the country...the glow plug light flashes forever...I've never seen it not flashing while the car is running. Thanks again guys! Can't wait to get to the bottom of this!