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  1. Newbie Lou :)

    Thanks everyone :)
  2. My little red Rocket :)
  3. Newbie Lou :)

    Thank you :) really wish they did the SportKa purply blue colour In them though! Love the red, red cars are faster you know ;) haha
  4. Newbie Lou :)

    Lol!! I've had soooo many comments about the number plate LUBED, it does handle quite nicely, i had 53reg clio 1.4 before which died on me :( the bhp is a bit less but it pulls so much better than the old car, I love It :)
  5. Newbie Lou :)

    Hello everyone, i purchased a Ford Streetka just over a month ago and I'm in love with it <3 My fella is also a Ford owner he has a red Focus ST! :) , love my little Ford, hoping its going to be a bit more reliable than my old car. Loving being a soft top owner :) Hope you like the pics of it :) Its named Rocket ;)