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  1. 2.0 diesel grey smoke and smell in cabin

    I did think about that, but I would have thought there would be a MIL or some other warning light on if the regen kept failing...
  2. This post is in response to several people saying the hissing sound is fine when pressing the brake pedal.

    Yesterday, my brakes failed. I first though I'd been using the brakes a little too much so they're hot and fading.  I carried on driving and after a while brakes returned and I thought nothing more of it.  I've experienced brake fade in the past.

    Well, some time had passed and I'd parked up, engine was off and it had been left about an hour to call.  This time something was different.  I have to press the brake pedal before the engine will start on the push button.  It felt spongy.  The pedal went down when the engine started so I knew the servo was ok but I heard a hissing sound that continued to hiss as I kept my foot on the pedal.  Also, if I lifted my foot and applied the brakes again, it would carry on hissing.  I knew something was wrong because it never used to do that.  

    Upon further inspection, I noticed a drop of brake fluid above the brake pedal coming out of the ram on the slave cylinder.

    I looked at the brake fluid level and it is lower.  As brake linings wear, fluid level drops.  However, it wasn't that long ago I paid Dees (Ford in Croydon) to change the fluid as the car is 2 years old.

    I'm going to Dees tomorrow to see what they have to say about the 2 year old car with brake failure!

  3. 2.0 diesel grey smoke and smell in cabin

    Ok , that's way too frequent for a regen. Must be something else.
  4. 2.0 diesel grey smoke and smell in cabin

    How often does this happen ? Sounds like it could be associated with a DPF regen
  5. 14 Plate Titanium X DAB Fault

    Check this thread
  6. Ordered it at last.

    @vectra I should watch out when opening that hatch if you park in any underground car park, especially if you're under any supporting beams!. The hatch on my standard Titanium almost hit the roof when open, with that extra spoiler on yours, be careful!
  7. Not too sure TBH . Seems they connect the pressure sensor to the DPF/Exhaust system. I just googled your fault message and that thread came up on the search.
  8. Might be worth checking out this thread on the TalkFord forums http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/195474-eml-code-p2002-diesel-particulate-filter-efficiency/ If you're lucky it might be faulty pipes...
  9. Reversing camera

    The new one will be Sync 3 instead of 2. Not sure if that will make any difference...
  10. Ordered it at last.

    That's exactly what the old system did, even when not in guidance mode, it would warn of issues within a few miles of the direction you were headed. It was useful on quite a few occasions to enable me to miss hold-ups on the way to/from the office. The new one does work when you have a route active in guidance mode, but who wants the satnav active every day on the way to/from work!.
  11. Ordered it at last.

    Doesn't help I'm afraid. My commute is Cheshire to South/East Manchester, even on Regional I still get Radios Stoke/Manchester/Sheffield/Leeds/Liverpool/Shropshire at varying times during the journey.
  12. Ordered it at last.

    No, I have SYNC 3. TA announcements just seem to bring up a box on the main touchscreen display showing 'Traffic announcment' with a 'Close' and 'Cancel' option. On the Mk4 it also changed the radio display in the Convers+(DIS) to show the station name. On the MK5 even if you set the DIS to display radio station it does not change from the station to which you are listening to the one broadcasting the TA.
  13. Ordered it at last.

    I've no complaints about the headlights on mine either, but then again I've never experienced LED lights. Not sure if my Titanium has the low washer warning (it was built June 2016) must let the bottle get empty... or maybe go and look for the sensor... My main beefs are around the SatNav and radio system compared with my old MK4. When getting TA announcements, the old system used to display the station name, the new system doesn't. I get TA from so many stations on my daily commute, only one of which is of real interest. Now I have to listen for a while to work out which station is broadcasting, rather than being able to cancel the useless ones instantly. Also I haven't found a way of cancelling from the steering wheel controls whereas 'OK' did on the old system, so now I have to reach over and touch the screen!. The old system used to give audio announcements of TMC messages, the new system doesn't, it only shows then in a list. So unless you're in guidance mode on the Nav you have no idea that there may be traffic disruptions locally.
  14. Touch screen sat nav

    Yes, but don't you need to remove the volume control knob and flip out the panel to gain access to the SD card first ? Be careful, if you buy updated maps (even the official one from Ford) you will lose the Traffic (TMC) facility
  15. New Mondeo Wheel size choice.

    Thanks, that's very interesting. I had assumed that Eire spec vehicles, being RHD, would be similar to the UK but that's not the case!. You seem to have a more restricted set of basic specs i.e no Style, HEV or Vignale. In the UK all models except for Style have the Ford DAB with Sync 3 and NAV as standard and the Sony DAB/NAV is an option on all but the Vignale which is standard. None of your specs have NAV as standard and ONLY the Sony system seems to be available as an option. Yup, I drove one with SYNC 2 in the Netherlands before I got my Mk5 and the difference between SYNC 2 and 3 is like day & night. SYNC 2 was VERY laggy...