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  1. CD/Radio Problems

    Hi All, This is my first post, so "Hi everyone!". We've had the new fiesta since November and because I use this as one of my commuting cars, have put on about 10k miles already. We've had a couple of problems of which the dealer (won't name any names just yet!) is being far from helpful, so wanted to see if anyone else has seen any of the following. Our car has Bluetooth and USB also. It's imprortant to point out that these are not consistent (i.e. it doesn't do it all the time - but that makes it more frustrating): 1) If you leave a CD in the player, sometimes when you return to the car some while later, it's playing again! This is very annoying. 2) Sometimes the display on the radio unit when playing a CD player goes a bit 'weird'. It looses all of the characters as if the display is blank (although it has still got power as it is lit up). 3) Occasionally when you turn the car on, the radio/cd just seems to freeze. You can press all of the buttons, but nothing happens. Only way to get it back is to turn the car off and on again. 4) Same as above, but sometimes responds when you turn the power button off and on and off and on..... 5) Bluetooth seems to just drop the connection to the phone every now and again, but never does this with my other car and same phone. Have also had some other problems as listed on other posts in this forum (such as boot lid being a bit picky on whether its closed or not and lower than desired MPG), but was wondering if anyone has encountered the above? Other than that - really like the car Thanks!