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    Thats a good price mate. Labour will be expensive though. If it is the clutch I will get rid of the car and maybe go for a st24.
  2. Forum Newbie

    Lol wish it was just that. It seems to happen when I put the clutch in. It sounds like something is still turning then when I take my foot off the clutch it keeps making the noise for about 10 seconds. Anx it only happens in gears 1 to 3
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    its started making a whirring noise when I pull up at a junction. It doesnt happen all the time and when it does it lasts for about 40 seconds. I think it could be the clutch but hope its a belt or something.
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    yes they dont half go. Had mine two years and its flown through both mots. Never had a problem until now. Got a feeling it could be an expensibe problem
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    light blue last 3 letters of plate BUU?
  6. Hi, I have a mondeo 2.5 v6 on a 52 plate and recently it has started making a whiring noise coming from the drivers side of the car. It doesnt happen all the time, it only seems to happen when I stop at a junction or at lights. And when it does happen it stops after about 40 seconds. If anyone can point me in the right direction as to why this is happening I would be most gratefull. Many thanks darren
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    Would just like to say hi to all. My name is darren and I have a 2.5 v6 mondeo on a 52 plate