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  1. I used fuse 25, i think its the ignition fuse this turns them off as soon as the ignition is switched off.
  2. Not sure if this is what you're referring to but the fan on my Focus will sometimes stay on for a couple of minutes after turning the engine off even after a short journey, I've looked into it and its normal maybe something to do with the turbo or dpf.
  3. This is the same model as mine, I'm really happy with mine it has plenty of extras such as sat nav parking sensors auto lights/wipers and footwell lights. I would definitely have a remap though makes the car so much more enjoyable to drive with no turbo lag plus an extra 30bhp.
  4. Sorted the problem now piggy backed a different fuse they now turn off instantly with no delay, thanks for the responses.
  5. Hi ive used fuse 34 not sure whats causing it?
  6. Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on a problem I have after fitting drl's, the problem is the lights stay on for up to a minute after the engine is switched off, they work normally on the second mark of the ignition turning off after about 10 seconds without the engine being started. These are the same drl's from the guide and fitted in the same way.
  7. Just to confirm but the connectors suggested by troy45 are a perfect fit into the bulb holder.
  8. I'll have a close look at the connectors when I pick them up I'm sure I'll figure them out lol, regarding the cree bulbs I didn't realise you had to swap the polarity good job you mentioned it. Cheers
  9. I've just ordered all the pieces for this mod including the connectors suggested by troy45 i will be attempting this next weekend fingers crossed it goes well, plus the drl's are on order.
  10. Hi guys I'm Matt I drive a 2010 ford focus 1.6tdci sport.