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  1. Slightly Corroded Brake Pipes

    Thanks for the replies. I took her to a reliable local garage, who carried out a free safety check. They said there's nothing to worry about with the brake pipes at present, as the corrosion is only slight at present, but they will keep an eye on it. They said they'd do another free check on her before the winter to see if it's still all ok & there won't be an issue between now & then. It's a relief to know she is safe to drive, plus it meant I had the money to put her in for a full service (she's only ever had interim ones before - the last of which was April 2013).
  2. Picking Up My "new" 53 Focus Tomorrow

    Here she is, parked up on my drive with an excited child in the passenger seat (she's excited as she's never normally allowed in the front): Here's the pic they used to advertise her (minus reg, of course)
  3. Hi, I've just got a 53 Ford Focus & flicking back through the old MOTs I see mention of the brake pipes being slightly corroded. I wasn't sure if this is something I need to be concerned about? Also, might this be covered by the 12 year corrosion warranty? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hi everyone, Put a deposit down on a Ford Focus today & am really looking forward to picking it up tomorrow. Was impressed by how well it drove, but then she does have pretty low mileage considering her age. It's a 1.6 LX I went for in the end, as that was as far as my budget could stretch from a reputable local garage. Standard intro type stuff: I'm Sarah & I live in Leeds. Apologies in advance if I end up posting lots of questions in the Focus Club, really want to learn how to carry out basic maintenance myself.