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  1. Hi Guys, There is a lot to read but it explains all.. Relatively new to this forum thing and I need HELP! I’ve recently purchased a 09 reg ford fiesta Zetec s 1.6 from a private seller on gumtree and was annoyed to find my AUX and Phone button on the stereo did not work. After hours of going through other forums I discovered I needed a Bluetooth module which sits above the passenger foot well. I had a look for the module but only found the large connector wire hanging loose. Obliviously the Bluetooth module had broken or been taken out and sold from a previous owner. I was then searching for a module and checked out my friend’s 59' plate fiesta Zetec s and ordered the same Bluetooth module as him. My car does not have the USB port under the handbrake; it only has the AUX port. After buying a Bluetooth module for £86 from eBay I was reluctant to find that my phone connects and takes calls via Bluetooth but will not stream music via Bluetooth. The main reason I purchased the Bluetooth was to stream music wirelessly! My Aux now works as the cables were all connected through the Bluetooth cables and module. This is where I need help... All the forums I find are dated back to 09-11 so really out of date. I think I need to update the Bluetooth module however a normal USB does not fit intro the Bluetooth module. I tried taking off the metal part of the female end of a Female to Female cable however nothing happened when I plugged in a USB stick with the update on. How do I update the Bluetooth module without it costing me £*** through ford. Do i need a special USB connection? I do not trust ford as before I discovered I had no Bluetooth module they had no idea or advice for me as to that I may need one! My Bluetooth looks like this The guy I bought my Bluetooth module off has told me I need to get it configured by ford? Some help would be massively appreciated. Kind Regards Finlay.
  2. Ok thank you for the help!
  3. Yeah possibly, I have popped out the aux port under hand brake and it seems to be connected, also can you buy the bluetooth module and fit it? Or is it a factory set thing?
  4. Hi everyone, I purchased an 09 ford fiesta Zetec s in Panther black 1.6 and I'm having issues with the aux and phone button. My car has an aux port underneath the handbrake, however when I press the aux button nothing happens. My car has air con so surely it's standard to be fitted with aux especially when it's all wired in? I also was wondering if anyone knew why when I press the phone button it just mutes the stereo? And I have the button for speech control but That button does nothing either? HELP ! I've looked everywhere and can't find any answers. Cheers FNZ.
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