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  1. 18 amps would burn out your wireing. Or blow a fuse.
  2. Hub assembly

    You need to talk to a ford garage.
  3. What Insurance?

    There used to be a deal where your driving is monitored. This helped reduce premiums for younger drivers.  Don't know if this is still a option.
  4. Screen Smearing

    And finally. This morning sprayed it on a wiped it off... BINGO very good. Tried it with the washers on no probs.
  5. Fiesta recall

    I wonder if this includes the 2008 models.
  6. Screen Smearing

    Been to Halfords in Shrews got the Fast Glass £7.79 came home late, so tomorrow is glass cleaning. I notice my wipers, when I clean them, give off black stuff onto the cloth so I may change them also. Although they are not streaking which usually means a new set.
  7. Joke

    Lady says to her husband ' will you go out and buy something that makes me look hot and sexy'     wait     so he went and bought a crate of larger.  
  8. Screen Smearing

    I have not heard of 'fast glass' before. I will be in Shrewsbury tomorrow so Halfords here I come. Real pain a night with oncoming traffic and narrow roads. cheers for that.
  9. Screen Smearing

    I have this problem with my fiesta 2014 other/partners car 2008 (goes like hell) has no problem. On the 2008 I use Fairy with cloth, wipers and screen rinse off, done get going. My car not so easy have tried a few things but not Vinegar yet. I read a post someone said Vinegar another suggested potato I have come up with....a bag of some use the rest on the screen. Should I use salt....... Seriously is there something out there that really works, it would be handy to keep in the car as this prob is always bad at night.
  10. Intermittent faults are difficult to sort. You could try a fuel cleaning addative although this is purely a suggestion not based on experience.
  11. Got An Error On Your Car?

    Yes probably best left to the chaps who do this sort of stuff daily. Could end up with a large problem.
  12. Old turbos do leak a little oil so not a real problem. The core can be bought and replaced quite easily. These engines are very good but need regular oil changes. Your oil leak should be fairly easy to sort although I do not know a lot about the breather side of the engine. I have blocked one escape route on my engine by fitting EGR plate but still fine and runs better as only clean air going into turbo. Does the engine smoke at all as this could indicate a problem.
  13. Got An Error On Your Car?

    This may be the wrong place to ask, perhaps I should enter a new post but do we discuss ECU remapping via OBD. I realise you need bits of kit also prog for laptop and a knowledge of what improvements to make and when not to 'improve'. Is this subjuct the the domain of tuning Shops and specialists. I saw this item on the bay.   SMPS MPPS OBD2 ECU Flasher Remapper EDC16 Metal Box Chip V13 For BMW Audi Ford Mod move if necessary.
  14. Odometer Issues

    Connection somewhere possibly, fuse,  don't know . I have the same car so very interesting. There must be some electrical wiz out there somewhere. I did have a quick google and a chap there had a dry soildered joint on the board. Still under guarantee take it in. Bought mine from Hadfield Road off Penarth Road you know where that is. Chap called James, I only went for a look came away with car but he gave me a good trade in.  Bay very nice. But not as nice as Mid Wales of course.
  15. A good clean out may help and possible a wash with a little petrol final wipe with kitchen roll. Check handbrake entry point. I used to put a smear of high melting grease on the metal to metal bits caring not to get any on drum or Shoe linings. Lightly sand inside of drum and remove lip with a fine file. Smear being the word.