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  1. I have the noise so you are not on your own. Mine is 64 still under warranty. Hmm I feel a trip to the dealership coming on. Where exactly is this sensor.
  2. Almost surely the same. Same year same model is important. £20 = 2 packs from Tesc*s.
  3. I have a feeling they are pressed in So you may need a bit of effort.
  4. Nice car welcome. Try not to polish all the paint off
  5. hello, My trusty goes so well 08 old shape fiesta 1.6 tdci (knocks spots off wifes 1.5 tdci 64) has a steering issue. The steering seems to have got stiffer. The tyre pressures are fine and almost full of steering fluid. Has anyone come across this before is there a common cause. 54k on clock.
  6. yes eurocarparts as darvvader said would be fine. I use my local carparts shop at Welshpool and they supply the trade and the home mechanics. No crap there but good pricings and helpful staff. I do not usually buy car parts from ebay as the financial difference is little. I often arrive at the shop with the part to be replaced about my person not concealed as this would be counter /shop/ productive. I'll get my coat.
  7. I aggree with MJT head gasket. Brown froth mixture of oil in coolant. Common fault.
  8. There may be a connector block not re connected after some work or other. A wireing diagram would be handy. Only way may be to see if there is any imput to the door, you need a meter.
  9. 18 amps would burn out your wireing. Or blow a fuse.
  10. You need to talk to a ford garage.
  11. There used to be a deal where your driving is monitored. This helped reduce premiums for younger drivers. Don't know if this is still a option.
  12. And finally. This morning sprayed it on a wiped it off... BINGO very good. Tried it with the washers on no probs.
  13. I wonder if this includes the 2008 models.
  14. Been to Halfords in Shrews got the Fast Glass £7.79 came home late, so tomorrow is glass cleaning. I notice my wipers, when I clean them, give off black stuff onto the cloth so I may change them also. Although they are not streaking which usually means a new set.