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  1. EGR blanking

    This subject seems to be a bit difficult as the technology is not overly well known. It would appear the best way is to REmap. Increasing the parts Air and lessening the parts EGR gas. by volume. This in turn will improve combustion heat reducing soot but increasing other gasses like NOx . Weather this will turn out ok remains to be seen. But I will keep a safe copy of original map in case of difficulty. Mourning today due to Citys lucky 5 nil win over Liverpool.
  2. EGR blanking

    Failed MOT, tank additive, re-took Mot Just passed. Will change driving habits have bought baseball hat. I thought blanking EGR would be the way to go as my wifes car is very good engine wise.
  3. EGR blanking

    I fitted a EGR blanking plate on my fiesta 2008 1.6 tdci a few years ago and it goes well. Been all over southern ireland never missed a beat. (beer's a bit pricey there but A great place.) I also have a 2014 1.5 tdci fiesta. Hmm. This is running a bit dirty on emissions. Is there any way to cut out the EGR using a Plate or bypass the whole crap idea. Comments welcome.
  4. Emissions very high

    I have the ELM adaptor as I had a eng management light coming some time ago although I had changed the oil and filter. Found out how to reset this and take light off, could have saved £3 quid on this one . but this will always be handy. I will look into the modified ELM.327 Forscan looks very interesting and I will do this straight away. I find things like this a challenge and after I sort it will probably keep the car not a bad ol thing. I do learn a lot from this site, so your replies are real value and it is onward going. i will also keep my young MOT man informed if any one thing fixes the problem he also likes to learn. I won't be able to do anything to the car until next week due to family things in southern Ireland. But whatever happens I will keep you posted. I will of course read any further info. thanks.
  5. Emissions very high

    Interesting debate. Thanks. I have read the replies and considered these. The easiest one is try another supplier eg BP put some cleaner in. The MOT tester has asked me to do this and return in a few weeks (full tank at the mo) as he would like to know if this has made a difference. He mentioned EGR. If there is little change then other things will have to be looked at. Get rid is high on the list. As a retired fitter taking bits off and cleaning etc is not too difficult. The modern car is full of sensors, now that is not easy to sort although I use a laptop and understand remapping, so trying to keep in touch. I will try giving it a good thrashing up the motorway in 4th for a hour or so just to see if this helps. The bit that is really interesting is ..What 'one' thing could be wrong. I live quite far from motorways 25 miles or so but there are cars just like mine doing similar driving. Fuel not sure about that one I favour a sensor or EGR sticky ? Particulate filter? Before I exchange this car I will have to sort it as it will always nag me. My other car is a 1.6 tdci fiesta old shape, 2008 goes like a bomb sails through MOT passes lots of cars on hills. Runs totally on ...Morrison's diesel. I put a EGR blanking plate on this years ago. No smoke, a proper car, no motorway driving at all. I may polish it later.
  6. Emissions very high

    Took my just turned 3, mk7 1.5 tdci fiesta car in for first MOT 38k regularly serviced. I will sail through with new tyres. Wrong. The fitter said 'Emissions failure' I was flabbergasted. He suggested a bottle of additive then go for a ride using lower gears to warm things up and get the additive working. I called again a few hours later having done as he said and reved it up in lower gears as asked. (one v due to looking like a w) Again it failed, he tested again and it just about passed. I thought he was perhaps a bit tetchy but when he reved up the car there was black smoke. So he was just doing his job. So I just about got a MOT. Morrison's diesel, not a high revving chap but I do long runs always on 60 or a bit more. 70 ish on motorways. Regular oil and filter changes 12k instead of 20k. He suggested changing to BP and as I had just filled up, waiting until empty ish, then BP with Redex additive. Any further comments welcome.
  7. I have now found friendly car restorer #(escorts RS somethings he has done a few complete rebuilds powder coating etc) who will lend me his battery impact gun (friend of a close friend van man) 'this will undo everything'. So a bit of luck there already. Ian if you could get hold of one of these it would make life easier. These are espensive bits of kit £250 second hand so out of my reach.# this is what he paid. as MJ Newton said with the impact tool the crank will barely move and therefore no damage will occur. Easy then to get to TDC the rest is easy. Common High pressure rail for my tdci so no pump to time. About 1 month away for me I look forward to hearing how you go on Ian/ HenryV.
  8. I can see what your saying MJ Newton. This makes sense. Its a shame you're so far away Ian. We could have helped each other. Your car first in case we make a cockup of course
  9. Since my last recent post I have been in touch with my local Auto shop at Welshpool. Total cost around £100 including waterpump and cambelt kit so good so far. So not trying to hijack your post but this will give you some idea of the cost for spares.
  10. Hello Ian, I intend to do the same on my 08 tdci 1.6 fiesta mk 6 and like you not sure of everything. If you # loosen the camshaft drive pulleys after inserting the camshaft timing positioner bar/ plate, the camshaft/s are in correct position and the crank would be tdc cyl 1. These engines do not have a 'keyed' crank timing belt gear. So once you slacken the front primary pulley you have lost timing /tdc as the drive gear is pinched by the outer pulley. Once you have fitted your new Belt, tensioner, waterpump?, idler? camshaft still in correct position. Next is to find tdc for the crankshaft, there is a pin to screw in for this so when you turn crank clockwise it will stop against the pin and be tdc. Now tighten primary pulley and cam puleys. you should have been careful not to have moved the crank when undoing the bottom pulley retaining bolt as some of the valves will be down/ open. Then again read on as this was the way on earlier engines. There are a few unanswered items here and maybe someone with better knowledge will reply. Is there a kit to lock the crankshaft solidly to enable removal and refitting of outer pulley and therefore maintaining, with camshaft locking bar, total timing?. This would make thing easier # care is needed here as you can do damage to cam it may be possible to use a counter spanner nearer to the pulley to take stress from the camshaft as a whole or lock the pulley. Undoing the pulleys disables the stress to cams..with lock fitted..when undoing lower pulley. Come on there must be some mechanics out there who do this regularly with competence.
  11. Cleaned that sensor yet again! Grrrr!

    I have the noise so you are not on your own. Mine is 64 still under warranty. Hmm I feel a trip to the dealership coming on. Where exactly is this sensor.
  12. Asian/ Austrailian and European Grills

    Almost surely the same. Same year same model is important. £20 = 2 packs from Tesc*s.
  13. removing bearing from drum

    I have a feeling they are pressed in So you may need a bit of effort.
  14. My New Fiesta Zetec S MK7.5

    Nice car welcome. Try not to polish all the paint off
  15. hello, My trusty goes so well 08 old shape fiesta 1.6 tdci (knocks spots off wifes 1.5 tdci 64) has a steering issue. The steering seems to have got stiffer. The tyre pressures are fine and almost full of steering fluid. Has anyone come across this before is there a common cause. 54k on clock.