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  1. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

    Aha you can have another if you want ;) Cheers pal. Sending the PM now and I'll get some pictures and what not sent over.
  2. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

    Ding ding ding!!! You have it in one!! RICE RICE BABY!!! MMM TASTE CREAMY!! Sure would pal. If I send you my address is that ok? I'll provide pics and what not. Sure that's ok?
  3. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

    Well it seems to have been a while since I did any proper update. Although thinking about it. Doesn't really seem like I have done much to be fair.   So lets start from the beginning. Over the last month I have been toying with the car a little bit just getting it back to how it should be. First job was to get the radio facia sorted. Some of you maybe aware I have been having some real trouble getting the screen of my radio to sit on properly and connect first time. So I decided to take it all out and start again. Not only did I want to get this sorted prompto but I wanted to get the top of the surround on properly as I've been suffering with a lip over the hazard button. To cut a long story short, cable managed at the back of the headunit and give a good old push in. Safe to say, all seems good and the lip over the hazard button has gone. No pictures unfortunately, as it would be same old. Only problem I had was that when I did my radio and speakers, I borrowed a Pioneer Auto EQ Mic. to collaborate the speakers. Removing the radio removed this collaboration. So I went and bought one for myself, took the car out to the lanes ;) and got them all set again. Probably sounds better than before.   Then came my birthday. The car more presents than me but then again what's is new there. So first purchased myself some RallyFlapz from Performance Creations. Hopefully fit these weather permitting this weekend as they've been under my bed for a few weeks now. Picture below:     Although to get to this point where I am ready to fit has been a right old saga. When I got the Eibach Springs fitted I didn't get any time to put the wheels back on as I had to rush off, so I left the old man to complete the job. When I came home to see the car in all its glory, the old man says 'You may need a new locking wheel nut adapter'. I never thought anything of it and continued as normal. Well other week I tried to take the wheels off to get the mudflaps on but couldn't get any of the wheels off. Strange you may think but I know my old man ;) so I ring him 'How did you put these wheels on?' he goes 'Pressure Gun'..... PERFECT!!! NOT!!! So I find myself a breaker bar getting the first four nuts off and come to the locking one. Who can guess what happens?! SHREDDED! So that isn't happening. Needless to say after a 10day wait from ford I have a new adapter and a new set of four locking nuts with yet another new adapter as it's a different pattern. WHAT A PALAVA!   Although in other news, the money is still sitting in my bank waiting for the better weather and the Triple R and I got one of these bad boys. For the record this is never going to be fitted and was purchased for me as a joke from work. Major RICE points if you know what it is!     And finally over my b'day I managed to give the car a good old clean, clay and carnauba wax. Results were incredible but it's a state again now.     I could go on for ever more but I don't want to bore you :)
  4. 2nd Zetec S

    Wanted to order some of these until I realised they don't come for all 4 doors
  5. Foam Lance

    Awesome.. £15 is fantastic. Need some for getting shots of the car and in the garage for detailing
  6. Foam Lance

    Top man.. Looking to order on payday.. They sticking at that price for a while?
  7. Foam Lance

    Cheers for getting back to me. May order a couple :)
  8. Foam Lance

    Keiran.. Just looking at your site because I seen those lamps advertised. Do they go back to a three point plug or a transformer? Cheers
  9. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Too be honest I think the owner has left the property as the roof is hanging over the top bedroom window. The property is looking a little worse for wear. I feel sorry for next door neighbours having to live next door to it. It's a very nice neighbourhood surprisingly and this is an odd one. Had a take the photo for two reasons: 1) its a little worse for wear 2) its a whizzpopper
  10. Hi All, Looking at fitting some 3-Door heated Recaro seats into my Focus. Two concerns: 1) The airbag looms are different and I can't just swap out 2) The heated seat loom is compulsory and I've got nowhere for it to go Can anyone mitigate these from my mind please? Pretty sure No.1 is fine however. James
  11. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Found this whilst picking up some bits from Gumtree :)
  12. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

    Cheers buddy. The brakes are blue at the moment but do need repainting this year! Yellow might look good although tried to stick to a blue and grey theme. Oo god.. Tell her to sort it out ;)
  13. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

    So today was the FFOC West Midlands region meetup for breaky. Got there early so got a snap of it nice and clean. Think this is the first shot with the car on show after the Eibachs were fitted? :)
  14. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

    Speed!!!! I want fibre optic now.. Just not where I live yet :(
  15. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Build

    Sure is a lot of money but I know people who have bought through these and they are quality. Did humm and arr about universals but wanted to make sure I had the real deal. As my grandma says "buy cheap buy twice". Jesus wept!! Thank God for unlimited ahaha