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  1. You going to get the map redone to equate for the induction?
  2. Like the new system youve got there pal. I'm looking at the Graham Goode Carbon Fibre Unit for mine to keep it enclosed and to make the most of the big mouth i have installed.. you get the pipe from ITG ? Liking it all so far and you've got some bits i want to get done :)
  3. Cheers buddy. Not many fitted in the UK yet so one of a few fitted :)
  4. Tad worse buddy but I tend to listen to my own stuff. I wouldn't say it's night and day different but in built up areas there is some loss every now and again.
  5. I don't think so. Will just make it a bit more solid :)
  6. I'm looking at keeping the springs but moving to Bilstein B8 shocks :)
  7. I think the car itself is level but yes i do find the measurement from centre cap to arch looks bigger on the front that the rear to be honest.
  8. Sounds good pal. I am impartial to a well done KA :) liking it so far!
  9. So a little bit of an update. I managed to get bag some lowering springs last week relatively company from someone that had swapped their Focus ST for a Fiesta ST. Normally I would go for Eibach but these H&R springs came in right and after researching stance I took the dive. Upon fitting these I found one of the front springs were snapped "/ I have unavoidably hit some pot holes over the last few weeks so this may have contributed to the shocking affects. I am tempted to right to the council to try and get some money back but I know these can be long winded processes. Once these were fitted I gave the car a real good spanking as it was in much need of one and took it out for photos :D Then tonight I managed to get the much anticipated Velossa Tech Big Mouth installed. It was delivered yesterday by DreamScience but I was away from home so unboxed and fitted tonight. Definitely a noticeable change in induction volume but I have not drove it yet although I highly doubt I will see any performance changes. C&C Welcome :) Don't mention the dust lying on the bonnet ;)
  10. Lovely looking motor oak and hope you are pleased. I was looking for a TS originally but found the right PB. I noticed another thread you've posted about dropping the bonnet a tad. Mine sits higher and i am assuming​ as you set it's those rubber stoppers. I don't know if it drop it though as it may cause rub? Might not but dunno. Really excited to see this take shape as some of the modifications look similar to what i am planning. Have fun :)
  11. When I bought the car it had a really niggling dent in the front nearside wheel arch. Terry tried to get this sorted for me but his body man went on walk about so I made this one of my first job! The guy that did it came from Auto Dents Leicester. Really really impressed with the work he did and charged me £50 which I thought was bang on. If anyone requires his number from the area then don't hesitate to ask! Ideal for door dinks and any niggling ripple. Another job I managed to get done were some 'RallyFlapz'. Had these on my old Focus and really think they set the car off and make it look a bit sportier. I know some people aren't keen but I like :) The RallyFlapz were already part of the garages inventory of parts ready to be fitted! The next job is to fit a VelossaTech Big Mouth. Waiting for that to be delivered however but ordered it three weeks ago so should be here anytime! C&C Welcome :)
  12. Morning all, As I am sure most of you know the Zetec has gone :'( was a sad day but needed the funds to get myself this beauty. I had been hunting for the right one since October and heard of Tezza (Terry) selling his at the start of January. I messaged him instantly and we could say the rest is history! I am positive that those of you who know Terry would agree I couldn't have found a better specimen!! For those that don't know me, I originally had a Sea Grey Mk2 FL Zetec. It had loads of modifications and can be found on either of these two boards if interested. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/57025-ford-focus-mk25-build/ http://www.ffoc/forum/index.php?/topic/98129-focus-mk25-build/ Here's a picture to tempt if you weren't already. Right onto what you guys are interested in. Some of you may have seen it through Terry himself but I know he didn't publish this one much. Upon pickup it had a de-res OEM Pipe on it and the aerial had been changed to a colour coded Shark Fin. The exhaust sounds great for the moment so I can take my time procuring the right sports cat and catback system. Whilst the car was with Terry however, I got a hardrace mount shipped over with a purple powerflex bush which he kindly fitted. Only had the car one day but had to do some modifications to stop my fingers twitching. First to go on was some Climair Wind Deflectors (Hardly a mod I know before someone says) Decided to pop the bonnet to get to work, so first job was to change old plastic mist jets for Piano Black ones Then removed the airbox to fit an AS Short Shift (set to No.3, 40% Reduction Stock Location) this one is taking some getting used to! Finally for today was the fitting of the RS Airbox and the K&N/Mountune Filter (certain they are the same but rebranded) Any feedback would be awesome, let me know your thoughts. I am trying to not give too much away on this one so that there is always an excuse to come back. I have a couple more bits in the garage to fit but process will not doubt come in flits and bounds. All the best! James
  13. Got an ST-3 ecoboost :) see how it goes
  14. Awesome to see you back. Can remember when I started my focus and looked to yours for inspiration. Mines sold now unfortunately as I've got a new project :(
  15. I'd like to thank everybody that has helped me along the way with this project. Really enjoyed doing it and pleased that it left in such good form! Stay tuned for the next project :)