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  1. Morning all, As I am sure most of you know the Zetec has gone :'( was a sad day but needed the funds to get myself this beauty. I had been hunting for the right one since October and heard of Tezza (Terry) selling his at the start of January. I messaged him instantly and we could say the rest is history! I am positive that those of you who know Terry would agree I couldn't have found a better specimen!! For those that don't know me, I originally had a Sea Grey Mk2 FL Zetec. It had loads of modifications and can be found on either of these two boards if interested. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/57025-ford-focus-mk25-build/ http://www.ffoc/forum/index.php?/topic/98129-focus-mk25-build/ Here's a picture to tempt if you weren't already. Right onto what you guys are interested in. Some of you may have seen it through Terry himself but I know he didn't publish this one much. Upon pickup it had a de-res OEM Pipe on it and the aerial had been changed to a colour coded Shark Fin. The exhaust sounds great for the moment so I can take my time procuring the right sports cat and catback system. Whilst the car was with Terry however, I got a hardrace mount shipped over with a purple powerflex bush which he kindly fitted. Only had the car one day but had to do some modifications to stop my fingers twitching. First to go on was some Climair Wind Deflectors (Hardly a mod I know before someone says) Decided to pop the bonnet to get to work, so first job was to change old plastic mist jets for Piano Black ones Then removed the airbox to fit an AS Short Shift (set to No.3, 40% Reduction Stock Location) this one is taking some getting used to! Finally for today was the fitting of the RS Airbox and the K&N/Mountune Filter (certain they are the same but rebranded) Any feedback would be awesome, let me know your thoughts. I am trying to not give too much away on this one so that there is always an excuse to come back. I have a couple more bits in the garage to fit but process will not doubt come in flits and bounds. All the best! James
  2. Got an ST-3 ecoboost :) see how it goes
  3. Awesome to see you back. Can remember when I started my focus and looked to yours for inspiration. Mines sold now unfortunately as I've got a new project :(
  4. I'd like to thank everybody that has helped me along the way with this project. Really enjoyed doing it and pleased that it left in such good form! Stay tuned for the next project :)
  5. The motor has gone :'(
  6. Price edit!!
  7. Hi guys.. this is still for sale. All mods including headunit but excluding intake
  8. As always ;) I will be doing all the cosmetics as normal but with more of a focus on performance this time. Trying to work out who I want to be my tuner ATM.
  9. Cheers Baz. It has been cherished and well looked after. I'm getting myself a Mk3 ST buddy :) Cheers pal. Fingers crossed it doesn't hang around too long and onto the next one :)
  10. Trying to get a bit of a ball rolling on this. Car is coming up for sale with everything on it except the headunit and air intake. Message if seriously interested and I will not be taking parts off for seperate sale.
  11. I was with elephant a few years ago when I started modifying.. they might allow the mod might not. Best to ring first if your planning on declaring and I'm sure elephant only let you do 2mods max!
  12. Got some new toys over the black friday period. I have procured some Carbon Collective detailing products and a Karcher K4 full control and a WD2 VAC :) should have posted this on before but my Instagram is jimmy_wheel if anyone is interested.
  13. Not updated this in a while so i thought I would pick some pictures up. I promised pictures from Ford Fair and never delivered so here we go. No modifications have been done on the vehicle since Ford Fair although I've been eyeing up a bonnet with vents. If any have heard the rumours then, yes I am looking at getting a TS Mk3 ST next year :) I will be attending The Ford Bibles breakfast next Sunday in Tipton if anyone is attending :) the car will be treated to a full Carbon Collective detail this week coming and I will do pictures! PINKY SWEAR! P.S is it just me or is Photobucket now riddled in JavaScript Viruses!
  14. Managed to get a few little things in before Ford Fair. Nothing as noticeable as some mods previous but some I have had in some garage and been thinking about for a while. The first thing that I managed to get done was to fit myself a K&N 57s-4000 filter. I did quite a bit of research on this before buying and must be honest it paid off and am really pleased. For those of you that know the filter it costs in the region of £150-£200, I managed to bag this for £80 second hand. It had covered 28k but had been oiled and serviced prior to me purchasing it. The first picture is of the lid which is slightly higher than the standard box and also has an open end to increase the amount of air it can suck in. (Picture taken from Lenny (Ford Owners Club)) This second picture is to show how the filter looks and to demonstrate the bung system it incorporates. In the summer you can remove the bung to increase noise and the surface area of the filter. In the winter you would refit the bung as there is a higher chance of sucking in too much cold air and additional rubbish floating around in the air. (Picture taken from Lenny (Ford Owners Club)) The third and fourth pictures are merely it fitted and how it looks in my engine bay. No comments about the cleanliness please :P that'll be sorted over the next couple of days. Some of you may know that I was asking about brakes not too long back. Well I bought them after some discussion and can say I finally fitted them this Saturday just gone. They are EBCs BSD (Blade Series Disc) and the design is lovely. The pads are greenstuff but neither have bed in effectively so I can't give an honest review yet. Over the next two days I am off work to get the car detailed for Ford Fair. I will update accordingly on the day as I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise :P (I'm sure there will be stunners there!) C&C Welcome as per :)
  15. I didn't.. depends on how they look when on i guess.