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  1. Sat Nav Disc

    I guess it's a copy but at least it works, I bought a couple off ebay last year that just didn't work. They seem to be for specific models but all the info is on their website. Like I say for £24 it seems a no brainer.
  2. Sat Nav Disc

    Just thought I'd share this with all, got a 2014 sat nav disc from for £24, it works fine and it's got a restaurant guide on it too. I only got it coz I refuse to pay the rip off £150+ that Bosch and Teleatlas charge. Happy days :-)
  3. Sat Nav Disc Ford

    Found a great site for sat nav discs I only paid £24 for a DX CD disc, got it within 2 days and it worked perfectly. I've been looking for one for ages coz I refuse to pay the rip off £150+ price from Bosch and Teleatlas. Just thought I'd share this with all my fellow Ford owners :-)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums tmart6781 :)

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