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  1. If I do go 17" does anyone no if the fiesta zetec s will be fine with no rubbing when turning ?
  2. Hi This is my first post from joining the forum so sorry if this has been discussed also i no my way round cars so don't worry but I've just got rid of an old seat and was looking for a very stylish and we'll built car to drive so i decided on a ford as iv just bought a new 2012 ford fiesta 1.6 TDCI zetec s in white and i'm looking for new alloys in black I'm looking at getting the Fox FX004 and i was wondering people views on 16" or 17" which looks better and most of all which handles better and is best to drive with Any pros and cons or pics would be great to help me decide Thanks again for any help
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums craige101 :)

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