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  1. Mine can be quite stiff it's hard to judge when I've not tried yours personally. Could always take it into a dealer because if they don't fold manually anyway surely there's a fault/error somewhere?
  2. Does your car come with power fold wing mirrors? Mine don't but I do know that if the car has this as an option/selected they just go in and back out themselves when the car is locked/unlocked... I wasn't aware that it could be done when the car is running but I don't have this on mine so I wouldn't know for certain
  3. I don't know about mk6 badges, but I typed domed badges into Google and they sell all sorts for my mk7 so if you take a look on their website I'm pretty sure they'll have them
  4. I'm wanting to do my wing mirrors and wheels black using the plastidip, I like the fact I can just take it off any time unlike powder coating. I've had no experience with plasti dip and was wondering if Ill need to take the wheel off to do them? And have people only done the front or the back of the wheel as well? Thanks
  5. I don't know the actually dimensions, but I ordered mine from DMB graphics when they still sold them and they're both the same size and mine are on the front and the back. I can only assume they're the same size?
  6. I've got the sat nav and it's easy enough to use. Gives you different options of which route you want to take, e.g. Eco, fastest, least miles. Don't use it all the time as I often drive in the same areas and if I do venture out I use maps on my iphone but the handful of times I've needed it, it's been convenient enough.
  7. I'm not too sure if you mean from the sat nav installed or from a mobile device, but I use my maps on my iphone and found the same problem, but on the iphone there's an option on the maps page that allows you to increase the voice level
  8. Yeah I'd heard about that just need to find somewhere found here who will fit them, main ford dealers? & do they fit their own?
  9. Problem is I can't actually change anything on the car as it's on lease so it'll void insurance, however I'm pretty sure mine already have this as when you look at the tyre straight on it goes over the alloy ever so slightly
  10. Fancying putting some alloy protectors on my car (probably more for appearance than reliability) but have heard lots of mixed opinions & also many horror stories where they've come off and scratched all the paint work down the car... Anyone on here had/got them & recommend them?
  11. My partner had the polo gti and exchanged for the golf gti and the golf is miles ahead of the polo. As said above the golf should be "compared" to the focus st but the polo gti had nothing on the fiesta st anyway... (slower, no special equip, looked duller etc etc). Must admit my st keeps up with the golf gti
  12. I've got red tape on mine already but this looks better I think, want it to match the pink overlays etc on my car
  13. Can you see it now? Don't think it attached properly
  14. I've found this on Instagram and I'm dying to find out but can't find one anywhere on the internet. Don't know if the owner sprayed it or has bought it but regardless I can't find a one and wondering if anyone is better at browsing the web than me haha! I would ask the owner but don't want to seem like I'm copying (I've had a red tape on it for a while just think this looks better) Tried my best to block out their reg
  15. I've not experienced this on my car but I know my mates corsa VXR does this and it's something to do with his ABS, not sure if it's exactly the same with our fiestas but I would presume so. If not maybe check your electrics?