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  1. Thanks, hopefully it will be ok later :)
  2. sprayed my front window 25 mins in to the -3.c journey this morning and the water was frozen. tried again 10 mins later and i cant hear the pump and also the wipers didnt move -which they usually do when washing the windscreen. Possible fuse or have i blown the pump motor(i only pressed it the first time for 2 seconds!) is the fuse just for the washwipe? Found the owners manual online an looks like the washer pump is fuse 7 15AMP where about is the fuse box located - sorry im in work until 6pm and car is a mile away :( NB: wipers work front and rear on normal operation
  3. sometimes when i accelerate (uaually in 5th) i get a slight missfire/hesitation, tonight on the way home from work it did it once and was quite pronounced - enough to give a fright, with almost no power for that second, after that it was fine. Its done 56000 miles. (2009 reg) petrol, FSH ,mpg stays around 41, acceleration seems fine too - still fast :) some days it doesnt do it at all.
  4. Stop/tail Bulb Pin Type

    got a brake light bulb out (even tho the tail light is still working) going after work to get a P21/5W bulb, does any one know if the pin is off set or straight?
  5. over the last few days a strange noise has develeoped from the bottom of the windscreen/dash area, can only describe it as like rain hitting the window, noise it gets louder when i increase speed, i first i thought it a loose dash but it doesnt seem to sound like a squeek or rattle i even thought there was a tiny hole in the bottom of the windscreen because it sounds slighly like that too.
  6. Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Ti-Vct Cold Start Problem

    thanks, started no problem this morning :/
  7. Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Ti-Vct Cold Start Problem

    thanks, its due a full service end of Nov, when acelerating it seems to take its time sometimes :/ im getting 43 mpg tho. Ive got no EML showing atm, would it show for the coolant temp sensor? it does sometimes give a warning tone when switching off the ignition but theres no warning messages.
  8. Ive got a zetec s 1.6 Ti-Vct 2009 reg with 52000 miles and fsh, over the past few days its strugling to start usually when its been left sitting for a few hours. It takes quite a few goes to get it started, it turns over and almost starts and the revs go back to zero and it starts hunting and chugging until it starts up on its own, there is a strong smell of petrol at the same time but I resume that its just chucking fuel in to get it going. Earlier I had to push the accelerator to the floor to get it going! Other times you turn the key and it starts and stalls and again the hunting thing happens ( revs up and down between zero and 10k rpm). Have noticed that i get a slight hesitation when accelerating too. Also on a different subject ive noticed sometimes when i start up the car the audio display gets stuck on 'ford audio' and i have to switch the stereo off and on to get the radio display back. any help would be great thanks :)
  9. just the standard one , my fiesta is preface lift tho
  10. does the aero front spliter fit the MK7 zetec s?
  11. First Mod

    I like to keep drums as discreet as possible.
  12. Alarm Announcement

    got in my car after work today and there was a message on the centre display saying 'alarm announcement', it disappeared after a few seconds, any idea what it is?
  13. just thinking then it might be cheaper to upgrade then? ;)
  14. thanks :) just had looked at halfords site and it had said : Fiesta2009-6.5”/16.5cm Component6.5”/16.5cm CoaxialSpeaker and Cable adaptor required