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  1. Headlight/rain Sensors (New Windscreen)

    I popped into a local glass technician this morning and they confirmed all you've said, and that the glass now fitted is green tint glass, not the purple-ish iR one that was original fitment. Great to have the prior knowledge when I went to speak with him so thank you Glassman.
  2. Headlight/rain Sensors (New Windscreen)

    That's brilliant, thank you. At least gives me a bit of knowledge (and ammo) to continue the dialogue with them. It's so frustrating. They've solved one problem and in doing so, created 2 more.
  3. Headlight/rain Sensors (New Windscreen)

    Ah yes, from FordEtis - With Windshield Heat Shielding
  4. Headlight/rain Sensors (New Windscreen)

    I remember the original glass had an 'IR' icon in the bottom corners. Could this mean it was Solar?
  5. Headlight/rain Sensors (New Windscreen)

    Aha, so potentially if it had Solar Glass to start with, and it's been replaced with non solar, the calibration could be out. Is there a way of telling what type of glass was fitted as standard? (Assuming it still had the original glass when I bought it).
  6. Headlight/rain Sensors (New Windscreen)

    Got it, I can see where it should be now. I'll give them a call in the morning. Thank you for your help.
  7. Headlight/rain Sensors (New Windscreen)

    Thanks, going by your name, I would have thought you're a man in the know!
  8. Hi Guys and Girls, 1st time poster, first time Ford Owner. I recently bought a 55 Plate Ford Focus C-Max with all the toys on it. It's been back for a couple of warranty repairs, but all the 'auto' toys inside were working apart from half of the quickclear windscreen. The dealer replaced the whole windscreen as they couldn't fix the issue with the windscreen. All well and good I thought. But when I picked it up, the auto headlights stayed on for the whole day, and if I switched the auto wipers on, they stayed on. To me this suggests the car thinks it is dark, and raining, yet it is clear and sunny. I've had a look at the outside of the windscreen and cleaned it with an alcohol based cleaner. However, there is quite a lot of dust and other rubbish actually UNDER the windscreen, between the glass and the sensors. Would you mind having a look and letting me know what you think? To me, it looks like this rubbish (the dust and black stuff) could actually be blocking the sensors. Or alternatively, is there anything else I can try? Thank you, Paul
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Banana Pilot :)

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