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  1. Order and Delivery Date?

    lol lmao........mmmm kebab lol Im afraid iv already smoking in mine. I cant help it alright? its an addiction!! lol other than that, im banning eating in it for the moment, just until that new car smell has disapeared :-(
  2. Order and Delivery Date?

    oh yeah i forgot about that!! lol I think that his sales man should work harder to get a build date. After all, isnt that what he is there for? to get the information that the customer is requesting? And JAR having to ring the dealership instead of the other way round? i, personally, think that is bad customer service. lol and you talk of "impetuous youth". i knew what i wanted and i knew was getting myself into when i ordered this car, iv done it all before. I also knew i was paying ALOT of money for my car and wanted to be treated as a valid customer. but i was sadly disappointed. I have Absolutely nothing against ford them self, i love ford cars! i wouldnt have anything else! Members of my family work for them, most of my family own a ford. Its the salesmen that i have a problem with, i think they have it all too easy. They were quick enough to take my money and try to make me sign on the dotted line, but where is the customer care after that? ooooooo im all moaned out!!! lol im not taking anything you have said personally Keith, so i hope you can say the same to me. :-) x
  3. Order and Delivery Date?

    Ahh, well you see, as i am now going to explain, it is the lack of Communication that is most irriating in these circumstances. What is more annoying than calling 5-6 times and never receiving a phone call back? You say, and i quote "Are they expected to ring everyday to say there's no news?" i would rather receive one phone call every 2 weeks to say there are no changes to dates etc instead of no phone calls at all, me, the customer, having to constantly contact the salesman. As i said before, we are the people paying £12k + for these cars and so i think we have the right to be treated as though we actually matter and actually be updated on a regular basis on what is going on with production/build dates etc. Il give you an example of bad customer service. i walked to my dealership on the date i was told i could collect my car. When i got there, my salesman was on holiday, and so i spoke to someone else, who told me that my car wouldnt be ready for another 2 weeks!!!! Would you say then, that a phone call made to me, would have wasted my time? An example of lack of communication? I went to my dealership to pick my car up on monday. After being there for about an hour, (waiting for the car to be delivered) my salesman asked if he could have some important personal documents of mine in order to finalise my finance. These documents were not the kind you carry around with you everyday. So then my partner had to make some phones calls (to his mum lol) who then picked him up, went home to get the documents, then drive back to the dealership. Now, no one can deny, that a phone call made to me the day before, would have avoided this very annoying and unorganised situation. lol i thought my other half was going to explode! he was so stressed. i wasnt even excited about picking the car up by then. i was just glad it 4 wheels and an engine! lol
  4. Order and Delivery Date?

    lol thanks! iv only had it a few days, im still trying to get to grips with the voice controller thingy, so much fun though! lol I must say, i was so suprised and please with the drive. It is really smooth on the road, light steering and really comfortable. It is a breeze to park her (of course she is a girl, although i havent named her yet! lol) i am just so pleased and happy with her. It is denfinitly a step up from my last Fiesta. Il try and get some pics for you at the weekend! x
  5. Order and Delivery Date?

    This has got a little to much hasnt it? lol Anyway, i have added 10+ posts on here, moaning about the dealership and the lack of information given to the customer (yes,thats correct, we are the customer, you know, the one who is paying the bill) and i havent been attacked like JAR has, just for voicing my opinions. Surely we are aloud to do that? Obviously not in a Vicious way, but that is what we are here to do isnt it? to talk, chat, offer advice to each other? What is a forum for if you cant talk about things that are important to you!!!??? BTW - i got my car!!!!!! i picked it up on monday!!! Jar - my advice to you? keep on for information from your dealer. i made a complaint to the sales manager regarding the non exsistant customer service i received. But, the car was Definitely worth waiting for :-) im so pleased with it and so impressed. Believe me, the looooooooong wait was worth it. x
  6. how long ? ? ? ?

    Ooooo maybe your right. Hopefully yours hasnt got anything wrong with it like mine! x
  7. how long ? ? ? ?

    WOW my salesmans actually returned my call!! i nearly pasted out when i heard his voice on the phone! :o His excuse now is that there is a problem with the heated windscreen. But it will be replaced on monday so i can pick it up then. Im going to take half day off work and go down there in the afternoon and pick it up. He then said if something else goes wrong, they will give me a courtesy car. Im so fed up now, i dont think im even going to try for anything for free. a month ago i was so excited about picking up my new car, but now im drained of energy everytime i talk about it! HE has ruined my new car experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope my lovely new car is worth all this hassle! x
  8. how long ? ? ? ?

    Right. I went to the dealership last night with my other half AND my dad My salesman wasnt in and nor was the manager. So i spoke to another guy, another salesman. He tapped away on his computer and then told me that the car would be ready on Monday! (What?) i said that someone else had told me over the phone only today that the car wouldnt be ready until the 27th April! he didnt have an explaination for this. I then asked why they had registered my car (as i have the log book) if it was not ready to collect yet. he told me that this was because the prices went up on april 1st and they needed me to have the lower price, so registered is in march - fair enough. Then i told him that because of that, i have lost 2 weeks on my road tax. he proceeded to argue with me that they hadnt and nothing was wrong. then after my persistance, he agreed that i had "only lost 2 weeks" and yes, i know, its only 2 weeks, but that is not the point is it? so i told him i wanted the money back for the money i had lost. Then i went on and complained about the non exsistant customer service i had received and he just apologised on behalf of my salesman for it. i said that i was fed up of doing his job for him in the sence of chasing for information about what was happening with the car. I also said that after i had paid my deposit, they did not want anything to do with me and i had been treated really badly. Its not my problem that there has been strikes at the factorys. if they had given me a call a month ago telling me that, i might have been a little happier. but they could even call me to keep me updated! He then told me that he would get my salesman to give me a call tomorrow (today) to explain what was happening with the car. So thats what im doing. Waiting for the call. im ment to be going up there tonight to sign the paperwork, but im not puting my name on anything until i have the keys in my hand. We did feel better talking to someone face to face. My advise to all you waiting for your cars? KEEP CHASING!!!! dont give these salesman an easy ride! oh, and sorry for the essay!!
  9. I could not agree more with you. Why are we being ignored? I spoke to someone this morning on the phone who listened to me complaining and told me that a manager would be calling me back......and guess what..... i havent had a call from anyone. Just like you, i was so excited about getting my car, but now im so frustrated and angry that the people who are suppose to helping us cant even be bothered to return our calls. Im so disappointed with fords. x
  10. how long ? ? ? ?

    Exectly what i thought. I feel very suspicious about the whole thing. I believe you could be right about them needs a certain quota of cars each month. Which makes me even more angry!!!! When i received the log book, i thought, cant be much longer now. That was weeks ago... Do you know what else was weird? on the 25th March (2 days before the car was ment to be delievered into the country) my salesman rang me asking me to ring the FordInsurance company to get my 7 days free insurance. Now, this was all said with high urgancy. so i sorted all that out thinking i was getting it that week. Then i popped in the branch that week only to be told that it wasnt even in the country!! Honestly, am i being taken for a mug? x
  11. how long ? ? ? ?

    lol thanks How long have you got now? hope you dont have as much trouble as i have been having.
  12. how long ? ? ? ?

    Oooooooooh right. well i wish i did have the cash to just go anywhere, but im using finance. surely a sale is a sale though right? thanks for the advise anyway ;) iv just been reading on another topic that the velour mats come as standard on the Titanium. Does anyone if this is correct? if it is then i cant ask to have them for free can i! lol i need to have a plan before i go into the show room shouting my mouth off. lol i know that is not going to be the way to get these people to move faster for me!
  13. how long ? ? ? ?

    Im sorry, what do you mean by "doing cash" ? if you mean how am i paying for it, im using ford options and paid a deposit.
  14. how long ? ? ? ?

    Right, going to the dealership tonight, see if we can get some answers. Going to try and get as much out of them for free as possible. but at the end of the day, i just want my car. iv got the log book in my name and everything, i just dont understand why its taking so long. iv had the log book about 3 weeks now. im just fed up of being mucked about. All i can think of for them to throw in for free is a tank of petrol and the ford mats. Anything else? help please!! x
  15. Well, more than a few days to wait, more like weeks! i feel know exactly what you mean, i dont want someone else to have the car that i ordered. iv even got the log book, all in my name and everything!!! i just dont understand. im going to the dealership tonight with my other half, see if we can get some answers out of them. Fingers crossed x