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  1. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    Hi all I had the same issue with the red cog warning light illuminating on a 2006 1.8 tdci focus, the warning light used to come on/off all the time and whilst the light was on there was no turbo function and the car was very very lumpy on tickover. Plugged the car to a diagnostics laptop and the car showed a egr and glowplug faults. Cleaned the egr with wynns diesel egr 3 cleaner spray and changed all four glow plugs with ngk plugs the new plugs cost £43 ( euro car parts were showing Bosch plugs at £9 but had no stock ) Paid my mobile mechanic £70 to carry out the diagnostics and do both repairs. No more warning light and the car drives as it should :0) Hopefully this information helps others. Cheers.
  2. Hi I also had the bonnet not opening issue on my 2006 ford focus, try using your spare key it worked for me after a few attempts, once open I oiled the mechanism and it now works fine with both keys :0) Hope this helps some of us who encounter the same problem. Cheers.
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