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  1. Hey all i have had another go st this stop motion malarkey......... http://
  2. Yes, I have too much free time............
  3. My latest creation, sorry about the rubbish editing
  4. Golf R, sorry Ford fans
  5. I know dude, just kidding :) Good choice
  6. Cool, Where abouts in Southend do you live? :D
  7. For me it would have to be the Mk2 XR2i in grey, sorry cant find a good pic of the grey version.
  8. Cheers buddy, about 50 minutes taking photos and 20minutes editing. Some would say that I have too much free time, but its just a little bit of fun. :)
  9. Just call me Tarrentimo......I jest of course
  10. Sorry, its pretty pony
  11. I think you would be able to get a bit more if you removed the book shelf.
  12. That is B E A uuutiful, possibly my fave Mk3 escort, but it would be close with the RS1600i
  13. lol, that plate. Puma fan Jenny