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  1. My Lego Film

    Hey all i have had another go st this stop motion malarkey......... http://
  2. Lego Stop Motion Take 2

    Yes, I have too much free time............
  3. More Youtube Silliness

    My latest creation, sorry about the rubbish editing
  4. New Car Help

    Golf R, sorry Ford fans
  5. Whats Your Fave Fiesta

    I know dude, just kidding :) Good choice
  6. Whats Your Fave Fiesta

    Cool, Where abouts in Southend do you live? :D
  7. Whats Your Fave Fiesta

    For me it would have to be the Mk2 XR2i in grey, sorry cant find a good pic of the grey version.
  8. Just Made A Lego Film

    Cheers buddy, about 50 minutes taking photos and 20minutes editing. Some would say that I have too much free time, but its just a little bit of fun. :)
  9. Just Made A Lego Film

    Just call me Tarrentimo......I jest of course
  10. Youtube Sillyness Sorry, its pretty pony
  11. Ford Escort Modified What To Sell For?

    I think you would be able to get a bit more if you removed the book shelf.
  12. My Xr3 Out Of Hibernation!! What Ya Think?

    That is B E A uuutiful, possibly my fave Mk3 escort, but it would be close with the RS1600i
  13. Standard Vs Thunder

    lol, that plate. Puma fan Jenny