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  1. I havent noticed any water reducing apart from when it overheats and comes out the coolant tank. Im not sure if its blocked or not but i have tried puting boiling water through one pipe and blowing it and it does come from the other pipe
  2. hello guys, i have a very frustrating problem with a fiesta i just bought a couple of weeks ago. i am a beginner mechanic who is still learning. my ford fiesta lx mk6 2003 is 5 door and is 1.3 petrol the person i bought it off said that the car was standing for upto 3 years but i still took the risk, everything is fine except the car keeps overheating, i have changed all possible causes such as: -coolant bottle -water pump -took out thermostat -new radiator -tried flushing out coolant water. when the temp gets hot the pipes go very stiff and hard. the pipe going to radiator is fully hot and stiff however the pipe coming our of radiator is cold also stiff, but the same pipe if you follow it gets a bit hot near the thermostat housing. the fan sometimes comes on and sometimes it don't but it doesn't really make a difference to the overheating problem as if tried driving with the fan switch power direct. there is no heat coming in the car, just little bit warm air. i feel like the water is not circulating properly as it should be however ive already changed the water pump but it can be faulty one. the mechanics i work with say that its most possibly the head gasket gone but i don't see no oil mixture in coolant or any loss of coolant. i don't really want to spend any unnecessary money on the car which is why im here asking for help. i just want to be sure of what the problem really is with this car. also if it was the head gasket blown would it be worth trying out liquid head gasket repairs such as steal seal, k-seal or blue devil or do they not work?