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  1. RT @jacquelineMjos: People love to make something out of nothing ☺️

  2. Some people will never change!

  3. Iso Help

    So im trying to install a sub in my MK7 was wondering what the best RCA converter was? Or did anyone know of an pre made ISO cable with the Phono inputs on Thanks :)
  4. Buzzing for Friday 🍻

  5. RT @ItsSundayLeague: The classic Sunday League shoulders job!!

  6. RT @footballacca: RT if you are on the 99/1 ACCA on Down, 3 to Go

  7. RT @WORIDSTARHlPHOP: The difference between black and white people 😂

  8. Strange Belt Noise

    Hello everyone, I have recently been experiencing a problem/noise with my car, does anyone have any clue as to what this may be? (I have had the alternator belt and tensioner changed and the problem still persists) Thanks Curtis