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  1. A reputable company in my country is Revo but i think its not safe to get it because Revo go to 165hp with only a remap and other companies like Mountune and Pumaspeed go to those hp with lot of products!
  2. Hello there people!I am quite a little in the forum but i hadnt made any posts yet!But now i need your help!I am looking into remapping my car!Is anyone here know anything about Hyperchips and CelticTuning?The numbers they provide are pretty good!Also i am confused about what is remap,what is chip tuning and what is tuning box!I will appreciate any help!Looking forward for your answers! PS:I am from Greece and sorry if my language is bad!
  3. Helo Jamie!I am going to change my tyres and i need your help!I have a Ford Fiesta ecoboost sport with 125hp!I have Continental ContiPremium Contact2 since i bought the car!They are 195/45/16!Can you suggest me a tyre?I can also go to 205/40/17!
  4. Thanks a lot guys for the replies! :) Sent from my N6 using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Where can i find a "zetec S" badge?