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  1. Just a quick question about the ford power button. If you leave the key in your pocket and leave the car, does the engine automatically switch off? Or can someone without the key technically jump in and drive off?
  2. Fixed. Didn't realise the O was a 0 😂😂
  3. Has anyone here downloaded the ford pass app? I did today and apparently my car doesn't exist.. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with it too?
  4. So had the Kuga about a month. Just gave it a wash and polish and looking gorgeous so thought I would share
  5. They are now attached to the car. There are holes already in the chassis so the brackets just bolt on. I will try get some picture on my next day off 😊
  6. It's mainly just to stop the car getting bashed in car parks from doors etc for me
  7. Hey. Did you get my dm? 😀

  8. Has anyone fitted DRLs to their cars? I'm looking at adding some but can't afford the £250 for the specific Ford ones for the Kuga. Just wondering if other people have fitted other types?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has side bars/steps on their Kuga? I have a mk1 and thinking of getting some and was just looking for advise/pictures and to see what you think? Rob
  10. So just picked up the 56 plate focus from its MOT and at 232171 miles passed with just 1 advisory for a tyre nearing the limit. I hope the Kuga is going to be as reliable
  11. So I've just got home from swapping my focus for a 2011 Kuga zetec. Seems a pretty nice car. Hopefully will be a keeper.
  12. Hi guys. Ive been on here a while as a focus owner, but swapped one of the focus for a 2011 kuga zetec. So thought I would introduce myself to the other kuga owners. So, hello
  13. Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone out there has door protectors around the edge of theit doors? My drive has a old stone wall along the side and when your not careful it's easy to open the door too quick and catcheck the edge of the doors on it. Any tips on the best? Ta
  14. My car is Symon Gregory Tiffin due to the number plate mostay. Gregory is because my other half fancies Greg Rutherford and my car is ginger so was told greg had to be in the name
  15. Bigger engine. Went from the 1.8 petrol to the 1.6 hinting there wouldn't be a big difference. Just seems really sluggish when building up speeds and you really have to drive it.. once it gets to 50+ runs like a dream just takes a while to get there