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  1. Ford Kuga

    Sounds like mine. It had that done in April and still going back to find out the fault. It goes for a few weeks then it's back again
  2. Kuga problems again

    Now the engine malfunction light is back on and limp mode has returned!! ARGH!!!!
  3. Hi everyone. Looking for some advice. In march i px the focus for a mk1 kuga. A month later i had to return it due to a AWD malfunction and it had a new filter sensor fitted. Last month the engine malfunction came on and resulted in a new battery as apparently not enough was getting to the CPU and now the past week it won't start on first attempt when stood over night, so it looks like its going to have to go back again. Any ideas what it could be. So far I've spend over £500 on parts etc and it seems to be one fault after another I'm slowly loosing my love of the car 😔
  4. Service oil

    Thanks dude. It's worked 😁
  5. Service oil

    Nice one thank you. Will give it a go when I get home at the weekend 😁
  6. Service oil

    Unfortunately the Kuga has a push button start..
  7. Service oil

    Hi everyone. Just a quick question. What does the service oil warning mean? The car isn't due a service for another 2500 miles and it has the right amount of oil.. it's a 2011 kuga and the warning comes on when starting the engine then goes straight off 🤔 Thanks in advance 😊
  8. Surprised by Kuga space

    Last week we brought a 3 seater chesterfield sofa. We was struggling to find a van so thought we'd try squeeze it it the kuga expecting to have to tie the boot lid down. We was shocked that just moving the front seats slightly forward and laying the back ones down we fitted it in and could even close the lid
  9. Radio swap

    Hi everyone. I have a 2012 mk1 kuga with the standard 600cd with Bluetooth. I'm thinking of looking to swap it for a sony unit which comes in the other mk1 models. Is it just a swap or will i need new aerials, wires etc Thanks 😊
  10. Power button

    Just a quick question about the ford power button. If you leave the key in your pocket and leave the car, does the engine automatically switch off? Or can someone without the key technically jump in and drive off?
  11. Fordpass app

    Fixed. Didn't realise the O was a 0 😂😂
  12. Fordpass app

    Has anyone here downloaded the ford pass app? I did today and apparently my car doesn't exist.. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with it too?
  13. My new Kuga

    So had the Kuga about a month. Just gave it a wash and polish and looking gorgeous so thought I would share
  14. Side running bars

    They are now attached to the car. There are holes already in the chassis so the brackets just bolt on. I will try get some picture on my next day off 😊
  15. Side running bars

    It's mainly just to stop the car getting bashed in car parks from doors etc for me