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  1. Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone out there has door protectors around the edge of theit doors? My drive has a old stone wall along the side and when your not careful it's easy to open the door too quick and catcheck the edge of the doors on it. Any tips on the best? Ta
  2. My car is Symon Gregory Tiffin due to the number plate mostay. Gregory is because my other half fancies Greg Rutherford and my car is ginger so was told greg had to be in the name
  3. Bigger engine. Went from the 1.8 petrol to the 1.6 hinting there wouldn't be a big difference. Just seems really sluggish when building up speeds and you really have to drive it.. once it gets to 50+ runs like a dream just takes a while to get there
  4. Gingerflame on here sometimeso does them.. he did some orange and black ones for me ☺
  5. I use tesco or Lidl. I find if we shop for fresh fruit or veg at asda it seems to go off really quick,also the bill seems to be higher at as day too
  6. I'm near Buckie
  7. Good luck
  8. I have another question for the builders and diy types.. We have a conservatory at hone and were thinking of adding a log burner. The roof is one of the plastic frosted sheet panels (no idea of the proper name for them) would it still be possible to put the flue through these? Thanks in advance 😁
  9. hey. just wondering if anyone else had a lay-z spar out there? We have one and have a couple of questions 🛀
  10. so we were heading home from England and was following a 16 plate lada niva.. Are they back in the UK now?
  11. you attend a 3 week course where you are taught techniques and exemptions that we may use but other road users cannot. Generally speed cameras catch you, it goes to a big office where they check you were on an emergency call. If the speed is deemed too high then you will have to justify why you did it.
  12. I get to speed and and get paid to get away with it.. But the work van has blue flashing lights on top so I'm allowed 😆
  13. does anyone know if you have to use the same dealership you started the plan with for future services/mots. I took the plan out 2 years ago so only next years service is left on this current plan and pay monthly for it, however this last service hasn't ran as well. Still waiting for the breakdown paperwork etc to be sent and its over a month and knowone wants to help, but there's another ford dealership nearby, so was wondering if I can take the car there in future instead? Thanks in advance 😊
  14. I hang mine from the rear passenger side roof handle. Also have a wee monkey called Maurice who swings from there. He used to be a air freshener once and used to hang from the original focus rear view mirror until his bungee got too long
  15. engine wise, apart from the usual filters etc at about 190000 we had to have the radiator hose changed as the belt had chewed through it that's the only thing we have had done to the engine.. The past 3 years we've had wheel Barings done and suspension arms done, did 1000 miles in 24 hours when we moved up here and you couldn't tell 😁