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  1. Dtc P0033 - Ford Fiesta Mk6 58Plate

    Cleared it and it came back on again, gonna have to call the breakdown service out I think lol. You need a diagnostic scanner OBD II, then you can scan your car for faults and also clear them but like with me it will just come back on again if there is still an issue... God knows what's wrong with mine!
  2. Hi, Engine management light came on recently so I purchased a diagnostic tool and ran the checks myself, found that the only fault I was getting was P0033. This apparently relates to the Turbo/supercharger wastegate control circuit... Now I have a petrol with no form of turbo installed, this has been confirmed by SMC ford who looked up my veh specs. Any suggestions about what might be causing this problem? Should I just clear the fault codes and see if they reappear?
  3. Engine Management Light But No Dtc?

    Having read into this a bit more, this seems to be a solely turbo related issue, my car is a 1.4 petrol and has no turbo, I Just called SMC ford and they confirmed this and aren't sure why the fault code is coming up... Would it be worth clearing the faults and seeing if the problem persists?
  4. Engine Management Light But No Dtc?

    Okay so the code reader has come through nice and quickly... It's giving me error code p0033 which is the Turbo/Sup wastegate control circuit. I can't really find much on this online, sounds like it might be quite expensive to repair though... Anyone have an idea if this can be something that's fixed with a limited amount of vehicular knowledge or am I gonna have to bite the bullet and pay OTT prices at a garage?
  5. Engine Management Light But No Dtc?

    Ordered... Thanks for that. Il give it a go and see what comes up, Didn't fancy paying out 60 quid for someone to do a quick diag check!! The EML isn't flashing so I'm hoping that it's nothing to worry about.
  6. Hi, This morning I noticed that my engine management light lit up on my dash, there's no noise issues, no misfiring... Car seems to be working like normal to be honest! I ran the ford self diagnostic test and it told me that there were no DTCs, now as I understand it the DTCs are the fault codes are they not? So I was just wondering if anyone knew why the engine management light would come on if there aren't any faults? My local garage want to charge me 60 quid to run a diagnostic, which I don't fancy doing if there isn't anything wrong with my car... I considered purchasing a diagnostic tool to reset the light but not sure if this would be wise? I have a ford fiesta mk6, 58 plate. Any suggestions/input would be much appreciated. Martin