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  1. Fiesta Mk6 water pump drive belt

    Local garage is telling me there is no water pump drive belt adjustment on my sons Mk6 1.4 Fiesta engine so they forced the belt back onto the new water pump drive pulleys after installing a new water pump, now only 5 days later a terrible noise coming from the drivers side of engine & the car is again unuseable. This car is only three years old & has only done 12,000 miles from new, so it's very disappointing to have these issues already. To my way of thinking the garage has done something very wrong when they fitted the new water pump, I've never heard of a water pump drive belt that is not adjustable, now the car is broken down & stuck at side of the road waiting for collection again ! Please could anybody tell what the garage are doing wrong, how should the water pump belt be fitted correctly ?? Does the water pump belt also drive something else ie: alternator, AC pump or power steering pump ??? What is the likely cause of all this noise, I think they damaged the belt by forcing it over the water pump pulleys & now it has probably snapped. Trouble is I'm abroad & can't look at the car myself, my son is not mechanically minded so I am at the mercy of the local village garage !!! Any feedback / help would be greatly appreciated....thanks, Andy.