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  1. Duratec Engine.cambelt Or Camchain?

    Sorry.the car is a2003 and a duratec engine.paul
  2. Hi.i know you have all been asked this question many many times but im well stuck. I have just purchased a 1.4 fiesta black edidion.year 2004.the engine has done 90000 miles.could somebody please tell me if it has a belt or chain.and what the change interval is if it is a chain.many thanks.paul & jen
  3. 2004 Streetka Luxury

    Thanks for all the advice guys.decided on giving it a miss.sticking with the focus for now.once again cheers for all the advice.Paul & Jen
  4. 2004 Streetka Luxury

    Will do.many thanks for the swift response.
  5. 2004 Streetka Luxury

    Hi all. newbie here needing advice.i am about to purchase the above car for the wife.the car is in great condition. 55000 miles.t&t.just had a new spring fitted.advisery on the front brakes (no prob with that) the only nagging thing I have is that all I have read about the car is it really worth the hassle or are there some good points about this car just not being mentioned..many thanks paul.