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  1. Crankshaft Position Sensory (P0335)

    That dude just hurt my head lol
  2. Crankshaft Position Sensory (P0335)

    Thanks will take a look
  3. Hi. Had a little problem this morning. First the RPM dial was intermittent. Reading 0 then shooting up to 3,000, eventually stopped after a while and worked on for the rest of the day. Then on my way home from work the engine light came on. Pulled over and started up torque pro with my OBD2 connector and got a p0335 error code. The car was running absolutely fine, cleared the code and fingers crossed it won't come back!!! Now. My question.....does the crankshaft position sensor sit on the same wiring loom as the RPM dial? my thinking is yes I could have a dodgy sensor but I could also have a dodgy wire/connector , tried scouting the sensor to test but could not find it (1.6 sport 2006)? Anybody seen these two problems? Engine not misfiring and behaving.., far. But I sense trouble ahead :( Any replies much appreciated. Had a quick check for duplicate posts but found none. Cheers.