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  1. pm'ed http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...?showtopic=4956
  2. ok £30?
  3. No but they are still differant...Use 5/30, and put the 10/40 in your lawn mower :P
  4. When using the stalk to scroll through the menu eg. ambient temp, mpg, fuel range....when you get to the temp hold your button down on the stalk for about 3 seconds or more and it should change to celcius.
  5. I have one for sale if anyones intrested? Make me an offer :o
  6. Seconday air pump...
  7. Did you know though, lets say the passanger has the keys after opening the car for you and then you both get in and drive off...you drop them off somewhere and they still have the keys, you can still drive off and when you stop the car when you are miles away..thats it no more driving for U...you cant restart the car because the keys are miles away..ive seen this done..LOL
  8. The whining noise could be the girlfriend next to you...they turn into a moan when you marry em Fiesta did have a cluster problem on the early models...check gearbox level too for noise...guessing your brakes are ok too for grining noise...or stone in the back plate??
  9. Thats a shame...all it is is the lower roll restrictor on the gearbox (bottom mount), the rubber gets soft and makes for high eninge movment when changing gear. You can space it out with 2 peics of rubber or buy a nylon type mount, which as stiffer... oh well info for the rest of you...a must for fiest ST owners!!
  10. Have a look at the fuel filler neck mounting point under the arch- body...also hanbrake cable hangers at the rear can sqeek.
  11. You can just need to take one wire to the coil for a RPM source...i did this years ago on an Mk3 GL and i added XR3 clocks..ghia ones would do too, when removing them from another car ask the scappy if you can cut the plugs off 2 this will u. Good luck mate.. :) and no problem ;)
  12. That's the biggest size you can get as an option when buying from new 17x7 with 205/40 tyres…I would seriously think about this b4 orordering larger set and the handling dynamics were set pretty perfect in the new fiesta on these...even Roush(mountune) dididn'thange the suspension with the mountune upgrade on the fiesta, they did on the older ST fiesta...so that has to tell you something about the capabilities of the standard suspension set up. If anything go for the Zetec S shocks and springs...don't forget though you have a diesel so spring rates can differ as the diesel engine is heavier. Good luck!
  13. i wouldnt go any bigger than 17"...is this for your 2009 fiesta?
  14. yep it will be the resistor, also check the wiring on the switch this can burn out to ....all this is usually down to a very dirty pollen filter putting extra load onto the fan motor...pollen filter is located under the n/s scuttle panel under the front windscreen.