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  1. It's fine, none of them lock with the central locking or otherwise, iirc the easy fuel system has anti siphoning technology going on as standard anyway, and that's if they can get past that relatively secure metal internal flap
  2. Fantastic car Jamie, state blue as well looks the nuts when clayed it was the same colour as my two previous mk3 mondeos. Is it by any chance the old zetec engine as well? It's about the right age, and remember zetec didn't always mean trim level alone. Very nice car, I'm impressed
  3. @Adrian Flux @DAN@ADRIAN FLUX
  4. Which mark was it? I had a mk3 fester - 1.3 Ghia, ran like a dream, well unless you got to a hill
  5. I do like the fact this morning on the way home from work I had a skoda (audi underneath) desperately trying to keep up with me whilst all I was doing was cruising
  6. It could, but it rattles and moves about down there, I've also tried it in the disklok bag (which it lives in in the boot), but that annoys the hell out of daughter when she's in the car and I'm not as flexible as I used to be:sad:
  7. Send them a quick email if you can't find something, Trevor is excellent at getting back to you
  8. It's payday!!!!! But I'm skint already as saving for mountune remap / exhaust amongst other things
  9. I'd like not to have to disklok my car every time I leave thanks to car thieving scum. Last night at work was a faff in the chucking down rain getting it out of the boot, putting it on, etc whilst getting soaked through
  10. I don't like that after I'd washed my car and spotted a neighbour polishing their vauxhall viva I muttered discretely and very quietly well they say you can't polish a t*rd to my husband (re vauxhall ), he then says at the top of his voice ' oh stop being a snob!' So it's bluddy obvious.... Cheesed off with him much?
  11. Personally looks alone here I'd get the fiesta, lower miles for your money, but then again I don't like the 1 series hatchback beemers I'll be honest with you, I don't think they look right, I like beemers don't get me wrong, but as a hatchback? Nah
  12. ST badge on non ST car is frowned upon. Get an S badge if you can't find ST line badge
  13. On the way into work tonight, busy dark unlit A road, I just ran over a critter (rabbit or something) 😢😢 I feel so bad! I didn't have time to spot it with traffic coming the other way, but I felt it pop and there's blood or something on my wheel Never had anything like that before, I've always spotted it and moved in time or its already been long dead iykwim Do I need to report it?
  14. My old car. Don't forget to adjust settings as there's the ultra handy speed limit zones in there and the equally handy speed camera locations
  15. +1 for android