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  1. Thanks for your all your advice
  2. Great information, would I need a new facia if I bought the nx?
  3. That's great thanks, do you know the difference between the two units and were I can purchase them from?
  4. Yes that's the one I ordered, thanks alot.
  5. Thanks, which one ( model number) and were would I find this? Would the sound quality improve?
  6. I have just bought a 2010 S-max Titanium x sport (very nice) and i'm not that impressed with the radio sound quality, I have a sony single cd player dab radio but not sure if it's been upgraded to the Sony Premium Audio System with DAB Radio/CD&USB not sure how to tell? Anyway, will upgrading to sat nav give me better audio or is it a speaker issue, and what one should i be looking to buy?
  7. thanks, but not sure what one you mean I found this clip will be the solution
  8. I have a s-max titanium x with a speaker on top of the dash board the sony cd and bought the Brodit 653865 and it doesn't fit, does anyone know the right clip to buy?