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  1. Rust!

    How did you get on with this in the end Brian ? I`ve got a 2006 Focus which I bought in 2013 and it had a bit of rust on the underside. I haven`t looked closely for a while to see how much worse it`s got though ! I thought the Focus was supposed to be galvanised ? That said there`s galvanising and galvanising, pre galv (av thickness 20microns, but can range between 7 and 40) isn`t a patch on hot dipped (55 microns)..... Does anyone know how thick the galvanising on a Focus is ? My loyalty to Ford is waning too. I`ve had Fords for 25 years but my wife`s Toyota Yaris (2008) has been more reliable than my Focus and has hasn`t got any rust on it.
  2. Rear Number plate -How do i get it off?

    Why do people steal number plates ? What do they do with them ? Surely using them, in these days of ANPR cameras is asking for trouble ?
  3. Focus 1.6 - 126mph Video - OMG

    It`s just as stupid on the Autobahn, just not illegal under certain circumstances. The latter is significant. People say oh you can drive as fast as you like on German motorways, but that`s not true if the Police consider it dangerous, which, I assume, means if there`s any other traffic on there. I always assumed that was the case but whilst on holiday some Germans we met there confirmed it. If a driver was doing 15omph and passing other traffic at a closing speed of 70mph plus, he`d get done, not for speeding, but for dangerous driving, and rightly so.
  4. Rear Number plate -How do i get it off?

    Bleedin` hell Phil, you don`t keep your cars long do you ! This made me think about the cars I`ve owned (since I had to run my own car) : Ford Escort 1.4L Mk4 estate : 1994 to 2000 Ford Escort Escort 1.8TD LX estate : 2000 to 2013 Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia estate : 2013 on And the only reason I sold the Escort I bought in 2000 (it was actually a 1997 model) was the dreaded rust.....
  5. Rear Number plate -How do i get it off?

    I had to do this, but only for one side. I`ve got a screw in the other end of the plate. It was few years ago now so I can`t remember exactly but I might have levered the old plate out to hold the screw steady then unscrewed it. As another poster said, what should have been a really quick job took ages in the end, I found it really frustrating that Ford had used such a flimsy method of attaching the plate screw. Interestingly the first rear plate I had put on the black numbers / letters started fading within a year. The guy swapped the plate, but the second one is also fading, albeit a bit more slowly. The front (white) plate is fine though. Has anyone else had this problem ?
  6. Decent Wiper Blades

    I got a 26" wiper blade from Wilko for £4. It fits and seems to work pretty well. I`ll get back on here when it finally fails to tell you how long it`s lasted ! I can`t see it being that much less, if at all, than the ones I`ve been buying on e Bay. Note that I had to order it in to my local store, some larger stores may stock them though : http://www.wilko.com/car-care-products/wilko-flexible-frameless-wiper-blade-26in/invt/0427245 I couldn`t find a 17" blade on their site and couldn`t bring myself to pay £13 for one blade at Halfords and even then it`s their own brand, not a Bosch. Interestingly Halfords recommend a 16" blade (FW02) for the passenger side (when bought separately). To be frank I can`t see a blade 1" shorter making much difference anyway, so I`ve ordered a 16" from Wilko for £4, together with another 26" one because I like to keep a spare driver windscreen wiper blade in the car. The Wilko one comes on reasonably sturdy plastic packaging so will be perfect for that. You really don`t want the driver blade to fail whilst you`re on a long journey, it`s raining and you haven't got a spare..... http://www.wilko.com/car-care-products/wilko-flexible-frameless-wiper-blade-16in/invt/0427237
  7. Decent Wiper Blades

    The same type have just ripped again, after about one year, probably only about 5 or 6,000m. I know I`ve said this before on this thread, but it bears repetition, I never had this problem with the older conventional type blades, even cheap ones from Wilko. Does anyone know where I can get blades which last longer than one year / 6000m but don`t cost a ridiculous amount of money. I think £20 for a pair of wiper blades is EXPENSIVE, I`d have though you could expect a reasonable pair for £10 surely ! Wilko wiper blades are between £2 and £4 each ! !
  8. Focus drinks petrol

    I have an O6 plate 1.6 Focus. I`m always very careful to drive efficiently, I use the brake as little as possible and cruise at 65 on the motorway (though that`s also for other reasons, it`s that bit quieter and safer). On a run I get up to low 40s. On mixed driving but mainly round town it drops to just under 30. I find the avg mpg readout is about 5% high on average, I religiously check the brim to brim mpg !
  9. I was awoken last night by a car horn going off, half awake I stumbled to the window, threw open the curtains and looked out. I think it was my car, it must have been because the wife's Yaris hasn`t got an alarm, so it couldn`t have been that ! To be frank I wish my Focus hadn`t got an alarm either * but we`ll move on. What was interesting was the hazards were not flashing, and, I think, the horn only beeped about ten times before returning to its slumbers. Unfortunately that was enough to wake me, and possibly a few of the neighbours as well...... Has anyone got any ideas ? * is it possible to permanently disable the alarm ?
  10. Tyre Roar Or Wheel Bearing Noise From The Back Of The Car ?

    I have now had 4 Kumho HS51 tyres fitted and can confirm the noise from the rear has now much reduced. The quoted noise figure for the Kumhos was (from the EU tyre label) 69dB, the quieter Firestone TZ300s are quoted at 70dB and the noisier Federal 595s were 74B, so the reduction in tyre roar is not together unexpected ! Incidentally, the tyre fitter said that directional tyres are often noisier than non directional types, even when fitted the correct way. I don`t know if there`s any truth to that generally speaking, but it was the case for my car/tyre combination.
  11. There is a slightly unfortunate post script to this tale. I discovered the other day that there is in fact a small cack in the windscreen, but it`s right down in the lower passenger side corner, only about two or three inches long, across the corner of the screen in fact. I plan to just leave it because even if it does leak the water may well still end up where it`s supposed to (i.e. outside the cabin), and the crack may not spread anyway. It`s already gone right across the glass and exited the other side, but, fortunately, right down in the bottom corner. You can hardly even see it !
  12. I think we`re fairly sure it was the windscreen, as mentioned earlier in the thread I covered the top of the windscreen with waterproof tape for a few months ( ! ) and there was no leak in that time, it only restarted when I removed the tape. Also, the windscreen fitters had a clever way of confirming the windscreen was the cause of the leak. Rather like gas fitters*, they spray the area with soapy water. The windscreen fitter then uses a compressor to direct a powerful jet of air along the top (inside) of the windscreen, and it bubbled away merrily (on the outside), QED. Actually, when the windscreen was removed there was loads of silicone all along the top/front of the roof where the screen bonds on. It`s obvioudly been a long term problem, at last 4 years (Ive had the car that long and I didn`t put that silicone in there...). *If you`re checking gas unions they just bubble, assuming the gas is turned on, obviously !
  13. I tried the sealant idea, but, unfortunately,the leak is still present. So I finally bit the bullet and decided I`d have to have a new windscreen, but, in the event, Bee`s windscreens managed to get the old windscreen off without cracking it. They`d said it was 50/50 if it`d crack. So, assuming the leak is cured, it cost £70 + VAT, rather than £200+ !
  14. Intermittent beeping noise and hazards flashing

    Thanks for that. If the back up battery was faulty, would that also be the cause of teh alarm going off, or just the cause of the low volume level on the alarm ? The reason I`m asking is I`m not actually that bothered about having a loud alarm (I find they`re more trouble than they`re worth.....), but I`m very much bothered about my car beeping and flashing in the middle of the night ! Arrggg ! Ford Focus leaking roofs / wet roof linings, I`ve had this problem for nearly a year, I sealed the aerial mounting but unfortunately it didn`t cure it. I`ve finally decided to bite the bullet and have a new windscreen fitted, here`s the thread I started and found very useful.
  15. Intermittent beeping noise and hazards flashing

    So if I unlocked it (using the remote) in the early hours of the morning, and it didn`t relock by the time I went to work, what does that indicate as regards the fault ? Would that also indicate a faulty alarm back up battery ?