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  1. I have now had 4 Kumho HS51 tyres fitted and can confirm the noise from the rear has now much reduced. The quoted noise figure for the Kumhos was (from the EU tyre label) 69dB, the quieter Firestone TZ300s are quoted at 70dB and the noisier Federal 595s were 74B, so the reduction in tyre roar is not together unexpected ! Incidentally, the tyre fitter said that directional tyres are often noisier than non directional types, even when fitted the correct way. I don`t know if there`s any truth to that generally speaking, but it was the case for my car/tyre combination.
  2. There is a slightly unfortunate post script to this tale. I discovered the other day that there is in fact a small cack in the windscreen, but it`s right down in the lower passenger side corner, only about two or three inches long, across the corner of the screen in fact. I plan to just leave it because even if it does leak the water may well still end up where it`s supposed to (i.e. outside the cabin), and the crack may not spread anyway. It`s already gone right across the glass and exited the other side, but, fortunately, right down in the bottom corner. You can hardly even see it !
  3. I think we`re fairly sure it was the windscreen, as mentioned earlier in the thread I covered the top of the windscreen with waterproof tape for a few months ( ! ) and there was no leak in that time, it only restarted when I removed the tape. Also, the windscreen fitters had a clever way of confirming the windscreen was the cause of the leak. Rather like gas fitters*, they spray the area with soapy water. The windscreen fitter then uses a compressor to direct a powerful jet of air along the top (inside) of the windscreen, and it bubbled away merrily (on the outside), QED. Actually, when the windscreen was removed there was loads of silicone all along the top/front of the roof where the screen bonds on. It`s obvioudly been a long term problem, at last 4 years (Ive had the car that long and I didn`t put that silicone in there...). *If you`re checking gas unions they just bubble, assuming the gas is turned on, obviously !
  4. I tried the sealant idea, but, unfortunately,the leak is still present. So I finally bit the bullet and decided I`d have to have a new windscreen, but, in the event, Bee`s windscreens managed to get the old windscreen off without cracking it. They`d said it was 50/50 if it`d crack. So, assuming the leak is cured, it cost £70 + VAT, rather than £200+ !
  5. Thanks for that. If the back up battery was faulty, would that also be the cause of teh alarm going off, or just the cause of the low volume level on the alarm ? The reason I`m asking is I`m not actually that bothered about having a loud alarm (I find they`re more trouble than they`re worth.....), but I`m very much bothered about my car beeping and flashing in the middle of the night ! Arrggg ! Ford Focus leaking roofs / wet roof linings, I`ve had this problem for nearly a year, I sealed the aerial mounting but unfortunately it didn`t cure it. I`ve finally decided to bite the bullet and have a new windscreen fitted, here`s the thread I started and found very useful.
  6. So if I unlocked it (using the remote) in the early hours of the morning, and it didn`t relock by the time I went to work, what does that indicate as regards the fault ? Would that also indicate a faulty alarm back up battery ?
  7. This is a problem I had once before but it seemed to have cured itself. However, last night it occurred 3 or 4 times, which ruined my sleep and possibly that of my close neighbours ! The hazards were flashing and there was a beeping noise coming from the car, but it didn`t seem as loud as the alarm. I thought sod it, I`m not going out there (it was also raining.....), I`ll just unlock the car with the remote pointed through the window, after all there`s nothing in it worth pinching and we live on a quiet cul-de-sac. I did so and the noise and flashers went off straight away. However, some time later, they whole process restarted, and this happened a few times. I thought the car was automatically relocking itself (My wife`s Yaris does that, I just assumed the Ford Focus does too, though it`s a stupid idea), but when I went out to it in the morning it wasn`t locked. I should add here that at that time the fault hadn`t showed itself for quite a while (two hours ?). Just in case it was anything to do with the internal sensors (an insect maybe ? but it`s quite cold at the moment ! ) I`ve put some tape over them, is that a worthwhile diagnostic step ? One last thing, which probably isn`t relevant, my car suffers from a water leak along the top of the windscreen* and the headlining was damp the following morning, I wondered whether damp was getting on the sensors or their connectors. * I`ve been umming and ahhing about whether I should get a new windscreen fitted, but it`s
  8. Thanks I thought that must be the case, but it`s nice to have it confirmed !
  9. Hello SPB.

    Have you had a chance to see that picture of my Focus window seal (on the thread) ? Is it the same as your`s (i.e. no seal/trim) ? If so can you confirm exactly where you put the sealant as I`ve finally bought some (see thread) !



    1. ScaniaPBman



      I have been working in France for a while, back now. No fancy iPhone thingys for me.

      Just seen your picture, it looks as if the rubber edging ( what I have called the rubber seal) to the screen glass is present there but not meeting the body. In any case, actually having the two cars side by side is the definitive answer rather than my judgement from a picture.

      I had to lift the rubber seal back from the body to get the nozzle in underneath so that the sealant could be pumped into the cavity behind. I started at the centre of the top and worked back to the corner on each side.

      We had very heavy prolonged rain here about a month ago. When I went out to my car I was disappointed to see that the water had again come through wetting the gear selector and the drivers seat. It took a week of unpleasant smells and towels on the seat to dry it out. Its the first time this has happened since my liberal use of the sealer round the top of the screen. It was leaking at every rain shower before hand so I did improve things a bit!

      Best of luck,




    2. ScaniaPBman



      I have given the windscreen seal more consideration. Looking at 3 Focus screens there is a significant variation in the fit of the screen to the body at the top. Not just from car to car but along the top as well.

      There is nothing missing on your car, the difference appears to be that for you, the gap is so big that the rubber seal does not reach right across. Perhaps the screen has been replaced slightly away from the recommended position leaving a greater than expected gap at the top.

      What would I do?

      Just wait till everything is dry, then pump the sealant in to fill it full behind the rubber seal. There will be some of the sealer exposed to the atmosphere, but since it is petroleum based it will not be washed away. This sealer is supposed not to set hard but with a bit of luck it should form a skin on the outside. Keep the exposed sealer bead well down so that it does not come in contact with the brush or cloth you use for washing the car.

      I hope you get better results than I have had.





    3. Justin Smith

      Justin Smith

      Hello Mike.

      You know there are DIY jobs which you`re really not looking forward to ? Well fusing that sealant on my windscreen was one of them ! And I was right to be apprehensive..... The first problem was the sealant container wouldn`t fit into my sealant gun, I got round that be squeezing out some of the sealant then cutting down the container ! Next, when I tried to pump in the sealant I found the fitter had used a load of silicone under the sealing strip. I didn`t know whether to try and remove it or try to pump the sealant into the gap between the silicone and the bodywork. I chose the former, but getting the silicone out was a buggar of a job, impossible really. In the end I just pumped the sealant and hoped for the best. Unfortunately there is so much of it it`s actually all over the sealing trim ! It looks reasonable but I`m unconvinced that it won`t start coming out when the car is washed. Not that it gets washed very often !

      Basically it`s unfortunate that the windscreen company (wrongly told me they didn`t think it was the seal on the windscreen. I had, at that time, steeled myself for paying the £300, which is looks like I`m going to have to pay anyway having put up with having unsightly tape across the top of my windscreen for 6 months plus !


      What I did find, when my windscreen leaked whilst on holiday in Wales (I`d removed the tape from half the screen to examine the seal), was that if the car is parked facing uphill it leaks far less ! I`ll put that on the thread when I get round to it.

      Anyway, thanks for all your help.

      TTFN Justin Smith

  10. I was having a look at another Focus yesterday and that didn`t appear to have the seal/trim. Not sure why, maybe that had also had a replacement windscreen, but the lady said it definitely did not leak, thus proving the seal/trim does not provide any essential sealing.
  11. I finally got round to ordering some of that sealant, it did at least mean the tape across the top of the windscreen was there for 6 months and was a good test that the water was definitely coming from there ! I ordered the sealant at work but when I got home and examined the windscreen edge closely (to check how I`d get the sealant in) it seems there is a seal / trim missing, see picture. I checked another ford Focus in the swimming pool car park and it confirmed that the trim / seal isn`t there ! I take it there is now nowhere for the sealant to go so it wouldn`t work ?. What can I do ? ! ? Am I right in assuming that, even if I managed to get one of the seals fitted, it wouldn`t actually cure the leak ? It looks more like a trim than a water seal. I`d have thought the actual bonding of the windscreen to the body is the seal ? Am I right or wrong ? Incidentally I was talking to a windscreen fitter in Sheffield who said the actual cause of the leak is that Focus cars of the same model as mine have an awkward plug / socket arrangement for the heated screen and it`s that which sometimes makes the water seal fail. He said the later model has a connection which doesn`t affect the seal so much.
  12. Have you a link to such ? And how much are they ? ! ?
  13. It`s not the money (certainly not at under £5 odd a pair ! ) it`s the hassle. Both times the wipers were working OK so didn`t need changing, then the bleedin` things ripped and I have to remember to order some and then fit them. Even worse if that happens when you`re miles from home and may not be able to fit any for days or even weeks. All i`m saying I can never remember having so much trouble with ripped / torn wiper blades when they were the conventional type, which, in any case, you could buy at a reasonable price from any auto spares shop, or even Wilko !
  14. Original post (3 Dec 14) : "I bought a set of some of those cheap wipers (E Bay item number 291281195842) which I`ve just fitted to my Focus. To be frank I`ve no idea how they can make any money selling those for £4.95 (including postage ! ) but they do fit. I haven`t tried them in the wet yet, but I hopefully they`ll be OK. A few useful points on these wipers "AP Automotive" Hybrid blades. They (correctly) sent one 26" and one 17" for my 2006 Focus. When they arrive they have the H1 adapter fitted, the one to fit the standard hook type wiper arm. This must be pulled off, and you have to pull pretty hard, in an upward direction straight off the wiper, don`t worry, underneath all that plastic is a steel frame and pin so you won`t break it. Then fit the H7 adapter, and this requires a hefty push to get it to fully locate onto the mounting pin and end up flat and parallel with the wiper. Once you`ve done that they went straight on." I have to say the first set of these wipers only lasted just over four months before they split at the bottom. I replaced them with the same type hoping it was just bad luck. But the next set only lasted fifteen months before the same thing happened. The conventional wipers on my old Escort lasted much longer than that. My questions are : Is it normal for these fancy modern wipers to only last between 6 months and a year, or, is it just that these particular wipers are crap quality, or that I`ve just been unlucky with them ? Does anyone know of wipers which are a reasonable price (Halfords want a ridiculous amount of money for their replacement wipers) which will last a few years ?
  15. I thought it quite skillfull I have to say !