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  1. Noisy Mondeo Mk4

    Oh and I did say wouldn't you see oil leaking from them. However some are gas filled and can degrade internally. It doesn't have to be visible. Eg oil leaking from them.
  2. Noisy Mondeo Mk4

    Hello back again. Took the car to a friends garage today to investigate the knocking over pot holes. He couldn't see anything wrong with any of the suspension bushes, anti roll bar, track rods etc. He did take it for a test drive and he suspected a shock absorber, or both might be gone or going. Would explain the wollowing down bumpy back roads and knocking/bobbling over pot holes. It's does tend to rock about a bit on rubbish roads too. :-( Not cheap. Even at mates rates I'm looking at about £250 to get them both done.
  3. Noisy Mondeo Mk4

    Just fitted a blanking plate to the EGR valve. What a difference! No knocking noise from cold anymore and no puffs of black smoke when pulling out of junctions. It does seem as if the turbo kicks in sooner and with a more gradual, smoother increase in power rather than all at once (which is what it used to be like). Why do manufactures even fit EGR valves? As for the suspension knock I still haven't had a proper look at it yet, but it's on my "to do" list. I can't see any oil leaking out of the shocks so it's probably a rubber bush or mount somewhere. For now I'll avoid pot holes and turn the stero up.
  4. Noisy Mondeo Mk4

    Cheers, Would blanking off the EGR have any negative effects? I'm going to have a good route around the suspension/steering joints etc. think I'll have to get it up on a ramp. I'll let you know what I find.
  5. Noisy Mondeo Mk4

    Hello everyone, I've just got a Mondeo MK4 1.8 TDCI (125)edge on a '57 plate. 74K miles. Full service history. I really like the car, comfy, economical, spacious, and looks good, however it's a bit of a noisy beast. There seems to be a knocking from around the F/N/S wheel on the car especially when I go over pot holes. The handling also seems to wallow a bit on bumpy fast country roads. Could this be a shock absorber gone or suspension bush? Are they common on Mondeo's MK4? Also the engine seems a bit agricultural when it's cold. It knocks when it's cold, almost like an old petrol engine knocking. But soon as it warms up its fine. This is my first diesel car. Is this normal? Cheers
  6. Mondeo Mk4 Under Door Trim

    Mine does it too, the clips are a bit delicate and snap if you catch them with your feet. It's not glued. There are tiny mushroom shaped clips that push in to 2 or 3mm holes along the sill. I keep meaning to pop in to a dealer to get some. Can't imagine they cost much and not tools required to fit them. Just a bit fiddley tho