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  1. Okay, my wife's Ford Focus lit up like a xmas tree last week (no jokes please) now I know this is a low battery fault. Now to cut a long story short I have wired a digital ammeter inside the car to see the voltages coming from the alternator. At Idle just over 13v at 2500rpm and over 13.9v, now for the problem, when I use the side lights it drops by approx. 0.2v, but when I put the heater fan onto number 1 the voltmeter shows 12.3v, in effect the alternator not charging. There is no light on on the dash and when I turn the heater off after around 10 secs it starts to charge again (13.9v). Any ideas? sounds like a dicky alternator but not sure any help.
  2. Okay problem solved, spoke to a mate who said brute force. It just needed a good tug, the new one just pops in and out like most I have seen but the one on the car was jammed solid. Thanks for the advice all the same.
  3. Okay helping a mate out with a service for his car and am having trouble with the oil filte,r seems to be stuck inside the housing and not coming out any ideas??
  4. I have bought the belt kit, £64. A second hand head around £150 and whatever the gasket kit is. The pistons have very minor damage so they should be fine. As I am doing the job with a neighbour labour is nothing. Oh plus a tenner fot the timing locking pins and bar. If I have time I will post picks of head plus damaged and new tensioner.
  5. Well after checking everything, and checking tinternet I came to the conclusion of a timing problem and on closer inspection the timing belt tensioner plastic ring disintergrated and the belt has slipped. Long and short I have 8 knackered exhaust valves, new head it is then.
  6. No the pistons are going up and down fine, after a little research on here in the common probs page it may be a camshaft sensor issue. I will hook it up to a fault code reader and also see if there is a spark.
  7. I have a 2003 2.0 Zetec ESP which I haven't had any issues with until sat night, just driving at around 2500rpm in top the car made a strangeish noise and cut out, all dash lights illuminated including the engine management light. As the car was freewheeling I tried to bump start no luck then when I came to a stop turned the key, engine turns over but doesn't start. Whilst turning the engine makes a constant whine on cranking, my inital thoughts were timing belt failure but on removal of cam cover and rocker cover all is fine. Taken spark plugs out to have a look inside chamber and all seem to be fine, and a definate smell of petrol when you crank. Now at a loss but will try to see if there is a spark first of all tommorow but after that not to sure. Any ideas