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  1. Reversing A Caravan With A S Max

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your advice but is anybody able to comment on the reversing capability of the S-Max? the distance involved is only about 15 metres so its not too great and I'm not keen on spending c£800 on a mover although it would be cheaper than having to replace a gearbox/ clutch/dual mass flywheel!
  2. I have a 2011 2.0 litre diesel Titanium (163hp). The drive at our house is relatively steep (roughly a 1 in 8 slope) and I have to reverse the caravan up on to it. I've found a few comments on the internet that the reverse gearing on the S Max is not great for towing, although these all seem to refer to the pre 2010 models. I used a friend's Discovery to get the van onto the drive and, of course, it was easy! However, before I incur the cost of having a towbar installed on the S Max is anybody able to comment on ability of the S Max to reverse a (1200kg caravan) up such a slope. Thanks for any comments.