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    on order fiesta 2009 1.6d titamium
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    A tank of diesel i hope!
  2. evening all, got the details for my baby today from ford vista, should get it 2 weeks today yipeeeeee. list details all extras and kit etc etc eg... fiesta b299, 2009 my, non svp..... does any body know what svp means? cheers in advance, centamin
  3. Thank you aitchess, Fiesta 1.6 diesel titanium vision blue original order with, x-pack, tech-pack, full dress up kit, interior 1, reverse sensor, privacy glass, leather, ford button start, keyless, full airbags, usb aux voice bluetooth. For the grand total of £15,250 very reasonable.. Dealer was delighted i had come back to replace order, might even get the car a bit earlier buts thats a big if, selling like hot cross buns with jam on a cold winters night.... (dealers quote) and to top it all dealer throw in service for 2 years free worth £288 lovely pounds. All in all a very productive day many thanks to all centamin.
  4. Thanks jonny87, if i need any more denigrating, and sardonic comments (bipolar perhaps?!!?), i will ask the wife..
  5. Hi all, Many thanks for all your replys, think i might have being a bit hasty in my assumptions. love the fiesta! Corsa or astra just don't cut it for me! will be back to ford dealers tomorrow and do a bit of groveling and get my order back on track. Once again thanks for all your replys, HAVE FUN IN YA FEZZY. regards, CENTAMIN.
  6. Have decided to cancel my order for a new fiesta 1.6 tdci diesel titamium with loss of deposit for a number of reasons, 1, have being looking in on this site for a while and have seen a lot of negative comments about fiesta.... mpg figures are wildly optimistic 55/65 miles a gallon as stated on fiesta cataloge lot of comments on this site say 40/50 at the very best driving like an eco warrior..... 2, blue tooth voice control play ups 3, welting screen wipers!!!!!!!! 3, starting to get a bit common sure 6 this morning on an (a road) 4 mile journey. etc, etc i could go on but the best one is order placed on saturday 14 march/ phone call yestarday from dealer saying build date (approx) 18 june very popular car--- (mate)!!!! delivery approx 3 july!!! 16 !Removed! weeks/ 112 days nearly a third of a year to build a ford fiesta.... unbelievable a block of 16 flats near me went up in 15 weeks.. sorry for the rant, but going to vauxhall tomorrow those of you who have yours enjoy..
  7. Hi all, Placed my order today and paid my £500 deposit for a new fiesta, you have all convinced me, after having a look at some of your fantastic cars on this forum. Order placed for a 1.6 tdci titanium 3 door in vision met blue with... titanium x pack tech pack interior pack 1 full dress up kit curtain airbags parking sensor rear, 3 years service inclued for the grand total of £14,250 bargain!! dealers first price was for £16,400 no way!!! asked the dealer to sharpen HER pencil and slowly came down, i think ford wants to keep there number 1 position in fiesta sales. only problem is a 8-10 week wait for delivery, climbing walls all ready!. will post pictures up in time, all the best to new owners and ones thinking of buying, go for it you know you want to. CENTAMIN.
  8. Sorry for my ignorance but what does RTFM mean, ....... RING THE F-----G MECHANIC,........ RING THE FORD MAN......
  9. Hi, yes i think it does i have just check out a few for sale on the web and all have central locking as standard, but i could be wrong.. hope this helps CENTAMIN.
  10. Hi Stephen, Sorry have no knowledge of pressure test tolerances, check haynes book! but sounds like this is some thing that needs to be done, (IMHO) not sure how much it would cost to have the test done. I had a (ford probe 2 liter) with the same problems as yours using about 1 liter of oil every 500 miles with a strong smell of oil when driving, took car to ford garage and had the piston rings and gaskets changed cost about 400 quid 11 years ago this cured the problem! but then a week later had the car nicked and never saw it again!! B-----D's Hope this helps lets us know how you got on, all the best CENTAMIN.
  11. hi sounds like you might have pisiton ring wear
  12. Hi rob do not think its allowed by law hanging things off while you are driving/ both hands on wheel etc etc
  13. Many thanks to all for your advice going to have another go to get a better price on tuesday at dealers/ just had a good quote from,,,,,, buy a car dot com,,,, £13,250/ WILL SEE IF FORD CAN MATCH IT will keep you all posted as i get on. many thanks CENTAMIN.
  14. Hi all new member, how much should be a fair price for a/ 1.6 tdci titanium 3 door vision met paint, x-pack, full body kit, tech pack, and all other options as on ford dealers web site except tow bar and smoker pack. list price is £17,850 as of 09/04/09, seems a bit high!! best deal i could get off my local dealer ( congleton, cheshire) is £16,000 he will not come down any more point blank, his arm would not twist any more!! does this seem about right . any advice would be most helpful, fantastic cars. many thanks stay safe. CENTAMIN.
  15. hi all new member, how much should be a fair price for a- 1.6 d tdci titanium 3 door, met paint, x pack, full body pack, tech pack, and all other options as on fords web site except tow bar, and smoker pack. list price is £17,850 as at 09/04/09 seems a bit high!! have being to a ford dealer and got a quote at £16000, he will not come down any more point blank! does this seem about right any help would be most welcome. fantastic car, stay safe cheers, CENTAMIN. ;)