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  1. Car Customisation Online

    B4 and after :)
  2. Happy Birthday tedis!

  3. Car Customisation Online

    Ohandgrill too
  4. Car Customisation Online

    Wantroof samecolor as mirrors. I tried but itdifnt work for me lol didnt knowvhow to use
  5. Car Customisation Online

    The thing is havent got a !Removed! clue how to use it lol
  6. Hello guys, i know its a long shot but is there any websites where its actally possible to play wiv car colors on certain car i got fpcus mk2 2006 and want to check some color variations before i decide to do it. Thanks for any info
  7. 2.0Tdci Alternator For 1.8Tdci

    Lenny i expected answer from you not like lol
  8. Hello everyone. Just curious can i fit one without major modifications :)
  9. Alternator And New Battery Fitted

    Thats cheap :) i paid 85 for my bosh battery. But i want even more powerful battery cos i got gig audio system in a car :)