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  1. Ooo ok. ThankYou for responses :)
  2. hi all, not posted for a while. i had my battery replaced today on my mk2 focus I need to put the code in to the radio but i havn't got one, car didnt come with book or anything that would have it. could someone help me out anyway possible, ive taken a couple pictures of numbers etc as i wasn't sure what was needed.
  3. Happy Birthday bry0586!

  4. thankyou very much!!
  5. Would buying one of these, getting it cut to my key shape, and syncing it like it said in the instructions work instead of paying £200+ on a new genuine ford one?
  6. sports cat
  7. ive got a bluetooth obd2 thats not being used anymore
  8. have you tried eurocarparts? if they had it in stock you as in spec etc you could then possible go searching for that specific turbo.
  9. sport
  10. Oh if I ever get round to changing mine its going black with a few red details to go with the red n black/Darth theme I'm going for
  11. i mean the cluster, mines the mk2 but no on board trip :(
  12. my reception is sometimes naff, more so when ive got my usb charger plugged in, i know this is the cause but could anyone tell me why?
  13. I want one of those :( Sent from my XT1039 using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Ummm was 21 the other day. When he was chatting about getting his vxr n the boooaaarrrr tssshhhhhh with a big sub in the back was earlier this year........ Sent from my XT1039 using Ford OC mobile app