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  1. i did think it was the brain on it so i had it re mapped when chap came around to remap he did plug in to see if any wrong but said ok and did the remap its just so bad when in traffic stop start ill sort it one way or the other this weekend
  2. going to have a look at all the items you have said in AA so might do what you said i can not find it its just funny how it can do it then 30 mins later i go out and its stopped anyway thanks for replies
  3. yes cleaned mass air flow maybe i should have anther go ? had a full serves about a year ago not been doing it for about a week then today started got home hour later went out and it had stopped thats what makes it hard to find runs a dream when not doing it not nice when its doing it and you are in traffic
  4. i have a ford focus 08 tdci it can be fine one day the next it revs up notice it when in traffic stop start you put your your foot on the gas a little and it just revs up to about 2500 when it should be only 1000 revs i mean you only have to touch exelorater great car but this starting to get to me any help ideas thanks