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  1. Is 35Mm Enough?

    Im looking into this too kieran. Im also on 15" so the gap is reasonably large. I believe u can measure useing a spirit level on top of your tire and a tape measure to measure down from your arches, dont quote me though. Any help would be good guys.
  2. Tinted Rear Lights

    Looks great. Iv been thinking of doing mine but wasnt sure if it was street legal. Like jeff sorry for my ignorance, just have heard different things online.
  3. First Time Ford Owner

    Welcome to the family dude. I agree wiv rab, iv got a mk6 ghia 1.6 and they are top draw. Feel free to message me for any mod ideas ;) .
  4. First Time Forder

    Hi clint. Iv got a mk6 1.6 ghia fiesta. Lovely cars. Feel free to message me for any ideas on modifications, iv got many planned myself :p . Welcome to the family dude.
  5. Mk6 Fiesta Ghia 1.6 Tow Bar

    Thanks very much stef. Will just need a drill to remove the rear bumper as it is held in place with rivets, ford realy thougght that through lol. Thanks again. :)
  6. Iv got a 1.6 ghia fiesta and have some mods in mind. So far iv jus changed the interior lightto a blue ffestoon led. Am looking to fit an aftermarket exhaust system but I have a ford tow bar and to be honest it is realy ugly do want to remove it and get a new rear bumper before going ahead with the exhaust. Any ideas how to remove it or the best and cheapest place to get this done. Im in essex. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  7. Hi :)

    Hi im Ben and I drive a black fiesta mk6. Its a 5 door (for the daughter) 1.6 ghia and I am planning to modify it. Look forward to seeing u all on the forums ;)