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  1. Mk3 2002 1.8Lx Duratech Engine

    Yes just glad I didn't fork out more money in the end up was ready for gumtree lol no maybe get some tomorrow apparently it's common that came frm a ford mechanic who is thankfully a friend of my dads lol. B glad tomorrow get her sorted driving right again :L
  2. Mk3 2002 1.8Lx Duratech Engine

    well folks wee update for anyone else having identical problem dont buy an egr valve change ur plugs if u feel like it but before you do anything check your T PIPE!!! lol so when your P0400 code shows up check it!!!!!!!!! lol i have a cracked T PIPE letting air in causing the bad knocking and making it miss off a cylinder my sender unit doesnt need changed either needs a few tanks of super unleaded with redex to flush out the nasty nasty supermarket petrol used in it before i owned it.. major weight lifted a ween of pound down when a simple £8 from ford woulda sorted me from the start :D typical thank you all for your help and advice on my subject much appeciated!!!
  3. Mk3 2002 1.8Lx Duratech Engine

    Another one to add sitting at 50 and power cuts out steering just locks. And turning corners power loss steering locks? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Mk3 2002 1.8Lx Duratech Engine

    There is hot air and cool air just no air threw vents apart from the one facing on to the windscreen. It's turning into a nightmare. Straight swap anyone lol. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. New Focus Owner

    Hi welcome Bit like myself I upgraded from a corsa c to a focus the same in my early days of driving. Ul never drive anything smaller now the smooth feel on the road and comfort in these focus is brilliant. Enjoy the site :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. New Dude

    Hiya welcome Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Helloo

    Thanks folks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Mk3 2002 1.8Lx Duratech Engine

    I had a thought that it would be the clutch my dad said he hoped it was maybe just a gear box bearing. Thank fully I didn't spend too much on the car when I got it. Another thing we found was oil getting up round the plugs but we seem to have that problem sorted. The car just still sounds like it's chugging and missing to a point tht it's going to stall when stationary. The engine is immaculate and underneath the body is in good nick. The car was obviously kept but as far as keeping it well serviced I don't know the air filter was thick with dirt and the oil was rotten lol. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Mk3 2002 1.8Lx Duratech Engine

    It's been such a hassle past 3 weeks. Was driving a 2012 C-Max 2.0 titanium before I got this was my fathers wat I'd do to have it back lol Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Well folks recently got myself a wee run around a mk3 mondeo 127k . Test drove it no lights on beautiful driving car So journey home about 30 odd mile the oil light came on, that was alright was a bit low so put oil in. Then the engine light came on with a chugging feeling like theres a miss in the engine. Hooked it up to the wee diagnostics got the P0400 code. ordered a new egr valve replaced it cleaned the pipes etc done an oil change n oil filter new plugs etc done typical wee service brilliant lights went off took it down the road and the oil lights flicking like mad engine lights popping on and off same codes showing up. Knocking coming from engine and when u push clutch pedal in it stops Theres a gurgling noise behind where the heater is situated on the dash the air vents wont blow air out now just on windscreen aswell. and to top it all off filled the tank and the fuel guage went mad and is now stuck on the red light even though theres fuel in it. Has anyone any other advice on what will put this car right other than t-met lol its our 3rd mondeo past 2 where diesel no problems with them. thanks Andrea
  11. Helloo

    alright folks im andrea from northern ireland recently joined. :)